Sunday, February 12, 2017

Brinjal (Vaingan) Chutney.

"Brinjal / Vaingan / Vaangi / Baingan Eggplant ~ Chutney" ..... This chutney can be enjoyed both as a chutney or as a dip ..... goes very well with Idly or as a dip for some snacks ..... The credit for this recipe goes to my friend Chitra Suresh .... however, I have made some changes and given my own twist ..... Yumz ....

Brinjal also known as Vaingan in konkani, Vaangi in Marathi, Baingan in Hindi and Eggplant in English is a very versatile vegetable that can be adapted in many ways while cooking your favorite dish. I have prepared many types of dishes with this awesome vegetable. As all of you know there are many varieties of brinjal available in India. They are available in various / different types of sizes and colors too. Round, oblong, small, big, green. Purple, light green, all sorts of brinjal are available in India. Brinjal / Vaingan used here is of the green variety. You can use any type that is available to you. 

The original recipe was posted by my friend Chitra in one of the famous food groups Konkani Khan Anik Jevan, where all of us members were asked to prepare the same for a theme. The original recipe was with purple long brinjal and also mentioned ginger and jaggery. I have adapted my own variations to the chutney and used green brinjal which was available at home. I used both cashew nuts and putani (roasted gram). I used raisins instead of jaggery and lots of garlic instead of ginger. We love garlic very much at home so I added on the same. I added a few methi seeds, fennel seeds too. In all I guess I have done lots of variation. But the chutney really was awesome. 

Somehow being a South Indian I have always used more of coconut be it in chutney or curries in my dishes. I love the texture and taste of the same very much. Here the bulk to the chutney was from brinjal and consistency and texture from cashews and putani. But yes, I did get a smooth textured chutney to relish with Idly and also used it as a dip with potato spirals. Guess what ? Yes now I am excited to try different variation in chutney using veggies. So watch this blog for many more varieties of chutney’s that will soon be followed. Meanwhile go ahead and prepare this one and enjoy with family and friends. Do mail me if you have any query and I will be glad to be of help. 

In a kadai / pan heat 2 tblsp of oil, when hot add in one by one the following ingredients and keep frying on medium heat …. ½ tsp mustard, when it splutters add in 1 tsp jeera, ¼ tsp methid seeds, ½ tsp fennel seeds (Badisep), ¼ cup of cashew nuts pieces, ¼ cup of putani (roasted gram), 15-18 medium sized chopped garlic, 8-10 green chillies (less spicy one’s), 8-10 curry leaves …. Fry well till slightly browned. Now add in handful of raisins and a small lemon sized tamarind and mix well.

Meanwhile, wash, wipe and slice of the skin as thinly as possible of one medium sized Brinjal. I used the green variety, you can use any. Say it should be in all about 300 gms of weight. You can use even 2-3 smaller one’s too. The choice of brinjal / Vaingan / Vangi is yours. Cut them into medium sized pieces and keep this ready aside, soaked in water.

Once the ingredients in the kadai are fried add in the chopped brinjal draining off excess water and mix well. Sprinkle some water only if necessary, add salt to taste and mix well. Cover with a lid and let the brinjal cook on medium to low heat. Once the brinjal / vaingan has cooked remove from fire, cool a little bit. 

Put all the fried ingredients in a mixer grinder and grind with about ½ cup of water to a smooth paste. Add in more water only if necessary. The chutney should be ground smooth. When done remove in a bowl.

The chutney is ready to be served goes very well as an accompaniment to Idly or even as a dip to wafer, tacos, potato spirals etc. You can serve the same with dosa, roti, poori, appo too.  I served the chutney with Idly and baked potato spirals.

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