Sunday, February 12, 2017

Brinjal Chutney With Idly.

"Brinjal / Vaingan Chutney With Idly (Urad dal + Idly Rava)" ..... This chutney goes very well with Idly or as a dip for some snacks ..... Enjoy with hot and spongy Idlies ..... Yumz ....

Mention Idly and the name South Indians comes to our minds instantly. As you know I am from the city of Mangalore from South Kanara District, Karnataka state. Being a GSB Konkani Saraswat, grew up eating different types of Idly and Dosa for breakfast all my life. The saga continues. However, with changing times there are some changes in life style and breakfast varieties too. But by and large it is Idly or Dosa for breakfast. Change is something man is always looking forward to in life specially in food. 

Though I am lover of coconut and use it in almost all my dishes be it chutney or masala for curries I also try on some other dishes which mention veggies as the base for the same. I have come across many such chutney and will soon be preparing the same and posting them. So watch out for this space. As of now I am sharing the link of the Brinjal / Vaingan Chutney that goes well with Idly and also as an dip to wafers. Do try this combo. 


** For the Birnjal (Vaingan) Chutney Recipe, Please follow the link given below …

** For the Idly (Urad dal + Idly Rava) Recipe, Please follow the link given below …

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