Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Thali 29.

Thali .... A simple but very satisfying combination of dishes ...... Kadgi Chakko (Raw Jackfruit Sukka), Sago Chana Dal Methi Vadas, Dalitoy (Spiced Dal) Rice and Lemon Pickle ..... Enjoy.

Thali is a dishes have to always thought over and prepared specially if you have guest or invitees for lunch / dinner. It’s a combination of different dishes that should complement each other well when served and relished. Many a time we wonder what to prepare. Again the time factor is also of great importance. Today’s fast track life has made it impossible for the women of the house to cope up with surprise drop in of guests or relatives not to mention the ever demanding requests of the family people. So a little preparation ahead is always welcome at such times. 

Dal is something that can be prepared in a jiffy and is a must in every thali item. Pickle or pappads are something that are in stock at home or plz. See to it that they are if not. Now the onus lies on a curry and a fried item to accompany it. 

Here is my own combo of items for your family. This Thali I prepared for my family, if you have guests coming over, just add on a salad and a dessert to the same. If time permits you can put in some bhaji / upkari or a stuffed paratha too. And you are done. So go ahead and enjoy the thali with your family and friends. 


** For Kadgi Chakko (Raw Jackfruit Sukka)-2 Recipe, Please follow the link given below …

** For the Sago Chana Dal Methi Vadas Recipe, Please follow the link given below ….

** For Dalitoy (spiced tuvar dal) Recipe, Please follow the link given below …..

** For Sheeta (Rice) Recipe, please refer the following link ……

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