Saturday, January 14, 2017

Makar Sankranthi.

“Makar Sankranthi” is one of the famous Indian festivals that is cherished and celebrated with great entertainment .... Wishing all my frds. on the festive occasion and offering prayers at the lotus feet of the Lord to grant us all a very Successful year ahead with loads of happiness and good health ......

** Makar Sankranthi represents the end of winter. The season changes from cold winter into a pleasant sunshine. It is at time of the year when farmers start harvesting and praying Lord for a fruitful harvest in the coming year.

** The festival day is highly auspicious and dedicated to “Lord Surya Dev”. People pay homage to the Lord on this day. It is believed that even Lord Surya (Sun) Visited his son Shani Dev on this day. Though the father and son did not get along well, Lord Surya is said to have kept aside all his differences and visited his son Lord Shani on this day, thus setting an example of forgiveness, unity and happy relations. That is why this day is considered auspicious to forget all the bitterness or hatred and talk sweetly forgetting any ill-feelings or differences and foster good relations. Kites are flown in joy not only to please the lord who is said to be immensely pleased with it but to also spread Unity, Peace and Love among people.

** To mark this change in attitude for good on Makar Sankranthi day people of Maharahtra, celebrate the day by offering each other tilgul-ladoos. These are made from sesame seeds / til and jaggery. People exchange these sweets with the words 'tilgul ghya, god god bola'. Which means have these tilguls and speak sweet words hereafter. Also married women invite other married ladies for haldi kumkum. They are given a gift as a token of respect and the til ladoo after offering to God and are wished well for the coming year.

** Also on this day of Makar Sankranthi, it is believed that Sun travels from Southernmost point (Dakshinayan) to the northernmost point (uttarayan). ... The Sun moves from South to North during Uttarayan. It is believed that Uttarayana is the day time period for God and Dakshinayana is the night for them. So, Uttarayan is considered as an auspicious period.

** Makar Sankranti is celebrated in Kerala at Sabarimala, the pilgrimage center for the followers of Lord Ayappa. The forty days of spiritual discipline undertaken by devotees comes to an end on this day with a big celebration at Sabarimala.

** The traditions and celebrations might be different, but each of these festivals coveys the same message of brotherhood and peace. So this Makar Sankranti forget your difference of opinions, hatreds, animity and spread the message of Peace And Love. Til gul ie Sesame Ladoo is prepared and shared with family and friends. It is believed that one should let go off their ego or make it small like sesame seeds and words as sweet as jaggery.

** Here is a Beautiful Message of Makar Sankranti by Spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ... Guruji says that we should consider ourselves insignificant like the sesame seed. Do not consider yourself a very important person. Consider yourself like the sesame seed. Look at the sesame seed - it is black on the outside and white inside. Nowadays, it is the reverse. People are black from inside, but look fair on the outside. Not that! We need purity inside too, purity within. We are insignificant like the sesame seed, and sweet as jaggery (gud). Do not forget this message. So what are we? We are the sesame seed as well as the jaggery. 

So to all my friends here …… “Tilgul Ghya God God Bola” Meaning please have this til ka ladoo and let your speech always be sweet. Wishing all my friends …. "A VERY HAPPY MAKAR SANKRANTI And A LOVELY YEAR AHEAD” …. Stay Blessed and Enjoy the festival.

Disclaimer : Picture And Story Courtesy : Compiled by Me from Various Sources, Friends and also from the Net .... Tilgul Photo is exclusively mine.

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