Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Kanda Poha / Onion Poha (Red Pova).

Kanda Poha (Lal Poha) / Brown (Red) Beaten Rice Seasoned with Onions ……. A popular Maharashtrian snack prepared from both red (brown) or white thick poha. Kanda Poha is relished by young and old alike acknowledging the fact that its simple things in life that are often relished and satisfying. The dish is also prepared by adding on batata / potato and is famous by the name batata poha too …… Go ahead and enjoy this simple breakfast item …. Yumz.

It’s really surprising that to date I have not posted Kanda poha. I prepare them almost at least once in a month. It must have lapsed from my mind or I must have thought that I had already posted the same. Time flies so fast that, I find it very difficult to race against it. With the progress of age one tends to slow down too. Well, the excuse is not at all fair to the dish as It is one of the most popular dish of Maharashtra and every child is sure to have relished it during childhood. Today however, I have prepared the same with red / brown thick poha which is beaten rice prepared using red rice ie not polished rice. Will post the same with white poha soon too. 

Poha / Pova is a very common and easily prepared dish all round the country. These are prepared sweet, a little bit bland, spicy or as an accompaniment for certain desserts like the famous harshal of Amchies. But by large they are mostly served for breakfast. Southern parts of India are more famous for various recipes with this versatile ingredient. Also kanda poha and batata poha of Maharashtra State is well known all round too. We amchies have many dishes with poha. Poha plays an important part in preparation of Naivedyam during festivals. I won’t run into the details of Items done but I have to say that I try to bring in many variations while preparing poha by making some changes by adding any veggies or masalas etc. Previously I posted the same in Chitranna style where raw mangoes were used along with coconut and ground to a coarse paste and the same was added to the poha for flavour. Then there were some prepared with veggies like carrot etc. I have already posted the most popular of all green poha I prepared using coriander leaves coarsely ground with coconut, chillies etc. which went on to become a rage in many groups as it was the first concoction of the same ever made. Poha is not at all difficult to prepare, you can do the same in a jiffy if you have them ready at home when unexpected guest drop in. Here is the simple recipe, sure to be appreciated by your family and friends when you prepare and share it with them. Go ahead and enjoy kanda poha.

** Put 250 gms of thick red poha / jada poha in a colander and rinse under running tap water. Allow the water to get drained and keep this aside for about 20 minutes. There is absolutely no need of soaking the poha. The little bit of water that is stuck to the poha while rinsing is enough for the poha to get soft and of the correct texture in 15-20 minutes. Just separate it with the help of fork gently before adding it on while preparing. That’s all.

** In a thick bottomed kadai, add in ½ cup of ghee and bring to heat. When hot lower the heat and add 1 tblsp of jeera, 1 tsp of mustard seeds, 1 tsp of hing powder, ½ tsp of haldi powder, 5-6 green chillies slit lengthwise (Plus or minus depending upon individual taste) and about 15-18 fresh curry leaves. Fry for a minute.

** Now add in 2 medium sized onions finely chopped and further fry till they are translucent / pinkish or just cooked. Add in salt to taste and mix well. Now add in the prepared poha and mix well. Sprinkle some water if necessary. Cover with a lid and let cook on slow fire. After few minutes remove the lid and mix all the ingredients together again. The poha will turn slightly soft. If not, sprinkle some water again and mix well. The poha should not be very dry or brittle. Cover with lid and let cook for some time.

** All it takes is about 8-10 minutes for the poha / pova to get soft and cooked well. Open the lid and add in the juice of one freshly squeezed lemon. You can mix some finely chopped coriander leaves too. I did not have them at home. Mix all together, cover, remove from heat and keep aside for 5 minutes for the flavours to seep in and get mixed. Now the Kanda Poha / Pova with onions is ready to be served. You may serve this hot as it is or with any Chutney or curds as accompaniment. Goes very well with curds. 

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