Monday, January 30, 2017

Chilled Saffron ~ Cashew Milk.

Chilled Saffron ~ Cashew Milk / Kesar ~ Kaju Doodh …. A homemade delicious, nutritious and creamy dairy – free drink that tastes perfect for any occasion …... Easy to prepare, awesome on taste and off course sure to be loved by all …. Go ahead and Enjoy this drink ….

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over It became a butterfly. Yeah just when I was running out of ideas of refreshing and nutritious homemade drinks, I remembered cashew milk I had prepared long back. I have already posted the same a few days back. This one is just a take off on the same. Cashew milk is the creamiest of all nut milks, the most refreshing one that can be easily replaced in any dish were the dairy milk is needed. Milk shakes, Ice Creams, Gravies etc. can be prepared out of cashews. An equally delicious replacement that is highly nutritious. This is again one of my treasured recipes prepared out of the basic cashew milk recipe. As I mentioned preparing this is breeze work. If you have any children or elders at home who is allergic to dairy milk you can compensate the same and give them this milk which is nutritious and healthy. However, do not go overboard with quantity used as too much is not good, a little of of cashews go a long way. Here I have used Saffron strands / kesar to the cashew milk while preparing.

Soak half a cup of good quality cashew in one cup of hot milk covered aside for 2 hours. Do not add more milk. You can leave out milk and soak in hot water too. I used skimmed milk. But I assure you water added also is equally good and will not make much difference. 

In another small bowl add in half a cup of warm milk and to this add in 1 tsp of good quality saffron  / kesar strands. Let it stand undisturbed for about 30 minutes. The saffron will impart a good yellowish orange colour. 

After 2 hours put the cashews along with the milk / water it is soaked in into a blender and grind it to a fine paste. If you find it grainy, do not fret, continue the blending and you will get a smooth paste. See to it that you do not add much water / milk while soaking for the very own reason. If you have keep away some of the water / milk in which the cashew was soaked and grind and you can add the same later on. 

Add in 4 tblsp of sugar and further grind till all is well blended. Now add in half of the saffron / kesar soaked milk along with half of the soaked saffrons and again blend well. The milk will turn out to a light yellow colour. You may add in a pinch of yellow colour if desired to bring in the colour too. That is upto individual preference. I have not added any colour.

Take out the mixture into a larger bowl and add in 2 – 3 cups of water or chilled skimmed milk, whichever you prefer, depending upon how much thick you want the cashew milk to be. But when you add water later on do not add in hot water, just add in chilled water and mix well. Add in the remaining saffron soaked milk along with the soaked saffron grains and mix well. The saffron ~ cashew milk is ready to be served. Serve it chilled. Easy and yummy.

** For the Cashew Milk Recipe, Please refer to the link given below ……

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