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Urad ~ Maida ~ Jowar ~ Rava Polo (Dosa).

Khichidi Polo ..... A dish relished specially during Margashira Masa / Dhanur Masa .... So go ahead and Enjoy ..... "Whole Green Moong ~ Lapsi (Wheat granules / Thick Rava / Bansi Rava) Sweet Khichidi" .... Prepared using Jaggery ..... With "Urad ~ Maida ~ Jowar ~ Rava ... Polo / Dosa" ....... Yumz .....

Margashira Masa / Dhanur Masa falls around in the month of December as per English calender and considered the ninth month of hindu calender. A holy month for hindus all round India, this month has many pious days in it which are celebrated almost everyone. We GSB Saraswat Community also call this month Khichidi Masa. During this month Sweet Khichidi / Pongal is prepared with different combination of dals throughout the month. I have posted some combinations of sweet khichidi before too, this one is a little bit different with the addition of whole moong. This is usually served with Urad ~ Maida Dosa as ab accompaniment. However, I have given some twist and added in Jowar flour and rava to the batter. The dosa did turn out soft and yummy, the way it is served with sweet khichidi. 

For the Dosa :
** Soak 1 tsp of methi seeds / fenugreek seeds in ¼ cup of water in a small cup. This will be used while grinding the dosa better. I do not add the methi along with the dals coz. When we drain off the water the methi properties are also lost through it. 

** Wash and soak 1 cup of urad dal in a vessel with plenty of water for 2 hrs. Drain off the water and leave it in a colander for the excess water to drain off completely. 

** Grind the dal along with the soaked methi and also the water in which methi is soaked to a fine paste. Add as little water as possible.

** Remove the batter in a vessel and add salt to taste. Mix the batter well in clockwise direction. Keep the batter thick, the consistency should be as that of the Idly batter. Keep aside for about 2-3 hours. 

In a bowl add in 1 cup of Maida and 1 cup of Jowar / Jwari flour. Add in 5-6 cups of water and mix well. See to it that there are no lumps in the mixture. It should be smooth and milk thickness texture. Now keep this covered aside, undisturbed for about 1 hour. This is done to ensure that the maida and jowar flour settles at the bottom and the water (nittolu) remains on top. When you see that the flour has settled properly at the bottom, gently tilt the bowl and drain off the water on top till all the water (only) drains off. The bottom mixture of flours is to be retained. Now add this to the Urad dal paste ground and kept aside along with 1 cup of bombay rava and mix well. The mixture should be thick in texture that of dosa batter and smooth in consistency without any lumps whatsoever. The dosa batter is ready for the dosa’s to be done.

Heat a Dosa pan to smoking point, lower the heat to minimum, add a teaspoon of oil and spread well with spatula. Spread it evenly with tissue paper with a light press. Do not press too hard, as the tava is hot, your hands may get burnt and also you may remove all the applied oil in the pan. I use this method of spreading with tissue to ensure there is no excess oil, as well as there is a thin layer / film of oil on the Iron Tava which is what I use regularly for removing dosas. Now add a cupful of batter with a rounded spatula in the center of the tava and spread evenly into a round circle as thinly as possible. Use light motion, do not press the spatula too much lest the dosa will tear. Increase the heat to medium, add a tsp of oil all round the edges of the dosa and let cook uncovered till crispy on the bottom side. Once the bottom side is done gently lift the dosa with a flat dosa removing spatula and flip over the dosa. Cook for a few minutes till the top side is also done. Remove gently with flat dosa spatula and place it on a plate. Serve the dosa hot with chutney, sambar or any other dish of your choice. Here I have served the dosa with Sweet Khichidi an awesome combination we Amchi Konkani Saraswat prepare specially during festive season of Margashira Masa / Dhanur Masa ie December Month which we call as Khichidi masa. So go ahead and enjoy this dosa with the sweet khichidi of your choice.

** For the Urad ~ Maida ~ Jowar ~ Rava ... Polo / Dosa Recipe, Please follow the link given below …..

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