Thursday, December 15, 2016

Potato And Brinjal Sambar (Kolumbo) with Methi leaves.

Batato Ani Vaingana Kolumbo Methi Pallo Ghalnu / Potato And Brinjal Sambar With Fresh Methi Leaves ..... Yumz ... goes well with rice / roti .........

Sambar as you very well know is a typical South Indian Dish prepared with lentils, veggies and spiced up. This is served with vadas, Idlies etc. We GSB Saraswat Konkani call this Kolumbo too and is also served with Rice. You can add in any veggies of your choice for the sambar but usually when served with Idly, Vada, Dosa etc. we prepare it with any one of these veggies like onions, tomatoes, gardudde (Lauki), pumpkin, carrot etc. When serving it with rice we keep the sambar which is called kolumbo texture a little bit thicker and usually potatoes, brinjals, drumsticks are added to the same. The choice is however yours, you may serve it with any veggies of your preference. Today for a change with the regular addition of potatoes and brinjals I added in a cup of finely chopped methi leaves instead of garnishing with coriander leaves and I must say the change was a pleasant one.

Ingredients :
Tuvar dal :1 cup 
Tamarind : lemon sized ball 
Vegetables : 2-3 cups. Here I have added potatoes and brinjal only. 
Fresh Methi Leaves : Finely chopped, washed and water squeezed out about one cup.
Sambar masala powder : 3 tblsp (I used ready made available in Southern Indian stores)
Hing Powder 1 tsp, 
Salt to taste 
Curry leaves 8-10 
Mustard :1 tsp 
Oil : 3-4 tsp, 

Add water to tamarind and remove a thick pulp, strain and keep it ready. Cook the Vegetables of your choice with minimum water and keep aside. Wash and pressure cook the tuvar dal by adding 3 cups of water to 4 whistles. Cool and remove from the cooker into a vessel and churn well to get a smooth textured dal. Add in the cooked vegetables, tamarind paste, salt to taste and the methi leaves into the churned dal and mix well. Bring to a boil. Lower the heat and let the dal with veggies simmer. 

For Tempering : Heat oil in a small pan, when hot add in the mustard seeds, when they begin to splutter add curry leaves and hing powder, add in the sambar masala powder and mix well, add some cooking mixture of dal if you find the masala is too dry and you find it sticking to the bottom. Mix well. Temper it to the cooking dal and veggies and mix well, add water if necessary to bring to required consistency. Bring to a boil on medium heat, then simmer the kolumbo / sambar for 5-10 minutes, stirring often to prevent from sticking at the bottom of the vessel. 

The Kolumbo (as we call it in konkani) / sambar is ready to be served. You can serve the same with rice or roti or any other dish of your choice. The addition of methi leaves is exclusively my choice as I love to add in the leaves to most of my dishes when in season. You may do so only if you wish. However, I suggest you give a try as they are very good for health. If you find the leaves bitter for your taste you can cut down on the amount and add in half cup only. You can relish this Kolumbo / sambar with Idlies too.

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