Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Karate' (Bitter Gourd) Kismuri (Salad) 2.

Karate’ (Karela) Kismuri / Fried Bitter Gourd Salad ….. Yumz ….. Goes well with Dalitoy and SheetHa (Rice) ….. You can enjoy them guilt free as I have fried the karathe / karela / bitter gourd in Microwave ….

Karate’ / Karela / Bitter Gourd Kismuri is something loved by almost all GSB Saraswats young and old. This is a salad sort of dish with the addition of fried veggies towards the end just as you serve. This dish is prepared with many veggies like tondli, suran, yam etc. However, it is more famous with karathe / bitter gourd than any other veggies. Though it’s considered to be a bitter veggie when deep fried the bitterness remains only a trace in taste. The addition of onions and freshly grated coconut adds to the taste and in all the karela does not taste bitter at all. The crunchy crispiness the dish has gives the children the joy as they bite on the crispy salad. I have already posted the dish before where in I had deep fried the karate / bitter gourd. Here I have used the microwave method with just a tablespoon of oil and so the dish can be enjoyed guilt free. So go ahead and prepare this salad.

Wash and completely dry about 500 gms of Karela’s / bitter gourd. Slice them into rings or you can chop them into small cubes too. You may remove or retain the seeds within the karelas. I always keep them. Apply a bit of salt and a tablespoon of oil all over the karelas and mix them well. See to it that it coats the karela evenly.

Put them in a microwave glass plate and microwave on high for 5 minutes. Mix well and again repeat the process. Keep mixing and microwaving the karathe / karela till crispy and done. It took me about 22-25 minutes to do the same. However, the timings differ from machine to machine. So once you cross 20 minutes of cooking, you may proceed at an interval of 2-3 minutes and keep a keen watch on the same.

Remember that once you complete the process and keep aside the karela / karathe turn out crispier as the process is on for a few minutes even when kept aside. So do not overcook. When a little bit cool enough, immediately coarsely crush the karelas and keep them ready aside. If cubed into small pieces you may leave them as it is. If at all you do not want to use the microwave method, just squeeze out the water in the karathe / bitter gourd cut to small sized cubes and then deep fry them in plenty of oil till crisp. Rest method is same.

Chop 2-3 large sized onions finely. Add about 3 heaped tblsp of freshly grated coconut to the onions along with 2-3 Green chillies slit/chopped into pieces. Mix well. Do not add salt as it is already added to the Karathe’ / karela. If need be you can always add it later on.

Just before serving mix in the coarsely crushed microwaved karela / karathe and mix well. Check the salt and add in only if necessary. You may add in a tsp of coconut oil, if desired, I have not added in any oil. You may also garnish with a tablespoon of finely chopped coriander leaves if desired. 

However, serve the dish immediately once you have added in the karela / karathe as it will remain crisp. If kept mixed overtime the fried karathe / karela softens and goes limp and lacks the crunchy taste. Enjoy this dish with Dalitoy and Rice. Goes very well with peja / rice porridge. 

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