Thursday, November 10, 2016

Spicy Wheat ~ Maida Tukdi (Diamond Cuts).

Spicy Wheat ~ Maida Tukdi (Diamond Cuts) ....... Yumz ...... A yummy must snack during festive times to munch on .........

Tukdi or Diamond cuts are prepared with various combinations of ingredients. A snack that has the young and the old loving them very much. A time pass too when you feel bored or a handy snack when you have a good book to read on. These are prepared both spicy and sweet. There are so many types of tukdi, but somehow this is my first post on the same here. Either due to faulty picture or lack of time to click, I could not post so many of my snack dishes last year when I prepared them for Diwali. My camera did behave funny and lost lots of pictures that were clicked. And as you all know a picture always speaks volumes of the delicacy when you see it. So I decided to post them as and when prepared later on. But somehow I could not do so till today. Here is my Mom’s way of preparing the tukdi which I simply love to munch on crispy and less oily too. 

Ingredients :
Wheat flour : 2 Cups
Maida : 1 Cup
Chilly Powder : 2 tblsp.
Hing Powder : 1 tsp or prepared hing water 2 large tablespoons.
Salt to taste. 
Oil : 2-3 tblsp  … any edible oil, I used Sundrop. 

Mix in wheat flour, maida, chilly powder, hing powder (If using powder) salt to taste well. Toss them together so that they are mixed loosely. Now add in enough water along with the prepared hing water* (If using hing water) and bind / knead to a very smooth dough. 

Heat the oil. When hot add in the hot oil to the prepared dough and mix well. Further knead the dough well till smooth. The dough should be smooth and not very hard. Make small tennis ball sized balls out of the dough. Roll out each ball into a round evenly pressed chapati dusting it with maida. The rolled chapati shaped dough should not be too thin nor thick. 

With serated round disc / pizza cutter / zig zag shaped cutter, cut the rolled dough into diamond shaped cuts and keep them ready on a paper. When you have 2-3 such chapatis rolled and cut proceed to deep fry them in hot oil.

Heat plenty of oil in a thick bottomed kadai. When smoking hot, add In the tukdi / diamond cuts into the oil gently. Be careful, the oil may splutter when you add the tukdi. Keep pressing the tukdies in oil for even frying. Also once you feel they are done a bit flip them over with help of ringed spatula. Fry them till they are crispy and golden colour. Remove on an absorbent paper and leave aside for sometime for excess oil to get drained. 

Repeat the process with remaining dough, by rolling, cutting with cutter and frying them in oil. Put all the fried tukdies in a shallow bowl and allow to completely cool before you put them in air tight container and store them away. Tukdies are ready to be enjoyed as and when you need them. Enjoy these crunchy snacks with family and friends. They will remain fresh for 2-3 weeks provided they remain for that long. In my house these get emptied within a week’s time. 

** Note : You can add in 1 tsp of sugar powder while kneading the dough. I have not. But if you like a little bit tinge of sweetness you may add. The colour after frying if sugar is added maybe a little darker than the one’s without them. 

* Prepared Hing Water : Hing water is prepared by putting a small marble sized gummy hing (available in South Indian Stores) into a glass bottle and adding about a small cup of boiled and cooled water to it. Within a few hours the hing will slowly melt and you will get a thick whitish liquid. This is hing water. You can keep this in the fridge and use sparingly as and when needed. We GSB / Saraswat Konkani people usually prepare the same and keep it in the fridge always and use the same for dal, patrado or any other humman etc 

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