Monday, November 14, 2016

Sitaphal (Custard Apple) Angoori Rabdi garnished with Almond Flakes.

"Sitaphal (Custard Apple) Angoori Rabdi garnished with Almond Flakes" ...... A sweet dish prepared during Diwali ......... Small Rasgulla's I bought from sweet stores ..... while the Sitaphal Rabdi I prepared at home using Milkmaid ...... Yumz .....

Rabdi or Basundi are almost similar dishes though the texture is different. Both are prepared basically using full fat milk. Boiling it and reducing it in texture by keeping stirring. Aromatic flavour and dry fruit finely chopped are then added to them. Basundi is smoother in texture while Rabdi is a little bix coarse with grainy texture. Here however I prepared it my way taking in some short cuts and preparing this in a jiffy so that I could have it ready and cooled within limited time frame. But the result was awesome and all my guests simply loved it. So you may call this either of the two but I have named it “Sitaphal Angoori Rabdi” coz. I added in a little bit of bread and almond crumbs for grainy texture. Also I used in Milkmaid here as I did not have that much time to keep stirring the milk and reducing the same in quantity. Do try this one, its simply awesome. Going to prepare other variations and flavours soon. So keep an eagle watch on this space. 

In a thick bottomed kadai add in one full tin of milkmaid which is about 400 gms. In the same tin measure skimmed milk full tin and pour it into the kadai and mix both together. Bring to heat and keep stirring to required thickness. Cut the sides of a few bread slices and crumble it finely and then add it to the Rabdi mixture. Since I was doing it the first time, I added only one slice, but plz. Do add 2-3 at least. I hardly stirred it once it was full boiled. Check in for sugar, I did not add in any as I was to add in the angoori rasgullas later on which did have a bit of sugar syrup too. Allow the mixture to completely cool and put it in the fridge to further get cooled.

Now for the Sitaphal / Custard Apple Pulp : I used 3 large sized sitaphal / custard apples. I removed the inner seeds with flesh. Put it in food processor along with ½ cup of milk and with the help of chapati kneader blade / blunt one pulsed for a few seconds 4-5 times. Pulse each time for only a few seconds. The pulp will get loosened from the seeds in this procedure. Be careful and do not use mixer grinder for this as then there is the danger of the seeds getting crushed and then the pulp will be of no use. The other way is very tedious but safest if not comfortable with electrical appliance is that …. you will have to just sit and separate the flesh from seeds which I used to do earlier before I came across this method or if available in stores you may check that too. In all you will need at least 3 cups of sitaphal / custard apple pulp. You may crush some and leave some whole as I have done. 

Add the crushed and some whole sitaphal / custard apple pulp to the mixture prepared along with ½ cup of semi coarsely ground almonds and mix well. To this add in 250 gms of small sized angoori rasgullas. I had bought the rasgullas fresh from sweets store. There was about ¼ cup of sugar syrup in it which I added to the mixture. Mix all well, taking care to see that you do not break the angoori rasgullas. Put it back in the fridge and allow to chill. Serve chilled in individual bowls garnished with a little bit of almond flakes. Tastes yummy. 

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