Thursday, November 24, 2016

Palak Egg Bhurji / Spinach Scrambled Eggs.

Palak Egg Bhurji / Spinach Scrambled Eggs …. A lovely dish that can be relished as it is or with some bread or pav ..... Also a healthy dish with good source of calcium, protein and potassium ...... Yumz ..... Go ahead and enjoy it .....

Eggs and Palak both are high in nutrition and are considered to be healthy. Doctors today advice the inclusion of these two items in our daily diet as they are very good for bones. So include them in your diet as often as possible. If you are a vegetarian do include palak and sprouts in plenty in case you do not wish to eat eggs. Scrambled Eggs is a nothing but eggs stirred under heat to get a crumbled mass that looks like popcorn. These are sometimes served as it is along with a few slices of bread or mixed with rice as in egg fried rice or any other veggies. Today I prepared scrambled eggs with finely chopped spinach / palak. There are 2 ways you can prepare this dish. You can either prepare the palak and then add in the beaten eggs once the palak is cooked and stir them like paneer bhurji etc. or the way I have described below. Somehow adding in beaten eggs at the final stage and making burji has never much appealed to me though I do make them at times. This way the scrambled eggs remain intact like popcorn and is pleasing to eyes and can be munched on too. Here is my way of preparing Palak Egg Bhurji.

Pick and clean the Palak / Spinach leaves. Discard the stems. Only the Leaves need to be added. Chop them fine, wash in plenty of water, squeeze out all excess water from the leaves, and keep them ready aside. You will need about 1 heaped cup of washed leaves.

Break 4 eggs into a glassware bowl, taking care that no shell pieces fall in the bowl. Add in a pinch of haldi / turmeric powder, pinch of white pepper powder, little bit of salt. Beat all the ingredients with a wire whisk till smooth and well blended. 

Heat a thick bottomed kadai with 1 tblsp of oil. Lower the heat and add in the egg mixture. Let cook on slow for a minute or two. Turn on the heat to medium. Now with the help of a dosa / flat edged spatula keep stirring the mixture leaving a few seconds in between the mixing. 

This process is called “Scrambling of Eggs”. So keep stirring till the eggs are cooked and they resemble a spongy crumbled mass, somewhat similar to popcorn. Remove the scrambled eggs from the kadai and put it in a plate and keep it aside to be added later on.

In the same kadai heat another tablespoon of oil, when hot add in 3-4 finely chopped green chillies and fry for a minute or two. Add in one large sized onion finely chopped and fry till translucent / turns slightly pinkish. Now add in the prepared spinach / palak leaves and mix well. Keep the flame on medium heat and cook till almost done. Do not add in any water and also remember to squeeze out as much water as possible from the palak before you add it into the kadai. When almost done and in salt to taste and ½ tsp jeer powder and mix well. There should be no trace of water in the prepared spinach.

Now add in the scrambled eggs prepared and kept aside and mix well. Cover and cook it on low heat for a minute or two so that they are all mixed well and become hot. Serve immediately with bread / pav / roti or as an side dish with any other dish of your choice. Tastes yummy with bread slices. You can also put them in-between bread slices and prepare grilled sandwich of the same. I have done it many times, they simply taste great. 

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