Sunday, November 20, 2016

Nachani ~ Wheat Poori With Methi Multi Dal Fry.

Nachani ~ Wheat Poori / Puri ..... With Methi Multi (Mixed) Dal Fry …. An awesome and heallthy combination of dal prepared with a mixture of 5 dals with the addition of lots of Methi leaves and Tadka of Onion ~ Garlic …… Served with nachani – wheat poori …. Bliss …. Try it, tastes awesome …. Yumz …..

Dal Fry that I prepared using 5 dals has been already posted. An overall healthy Dal with higher protein content due to mixture of dals and all vitamins of methi leaves. This I served with Nachani – Wheat Poori another healthy poori though deep fried. Nachani is Millet that is high in calcium and is very beneficial to health. Poori is faster in preparation compared to Nachani Bhakri / Roti, also poori is preferred to Bhakri / Roti in my home. So instead of making normal wheat poori, I decided to make Nachani Poori, a healthier option to which I have added wheat and little bit of fine rava (chiroti rava). These poories are soft and nutritious though they turn dark brownish in colour. All said and done a healthy combination.

Being the season of Methi Leaves now, though we get it all year round, winter is the season when you should consume Methi as its very good for health. Loads of Methi Leaves are available in the Market so making the best use of it with as many dishes as possible. A lovely mixture of dals with lots of methi leaves and awesome tadka / seasoning of Onions ~ Garlic …… A truly awesome combination of dishes here that taste awesome when served hot. Remember poori should always be served immediately so that they remain puffed. You see children love to pierce the poori and watch the steam pass off from inside …. Really a delightful joy. Given below are the links to the Recipe, Please follow the link for the recipe. 

** For the Nachani ~ Wheat Poori Recipe, Please follow wht link givenbelow ….

** For Methi Multi (Mixed) Dal Fry Recipe, Please follow the link given below …….

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