Sunday, November 13, 2016


Gopashtami .... May Gow Mata Bless You All and fulfill all your Wishes …. 

Gopashtami or Gopa Ashtami is the day when Lord Krishna was named “GOVINDA” the protector of Cows and this is his dearest name. It is believed that, the first week of Kartik Masa ie. from day 1st to 7th Lord Krishna held up the Govardan Parbat (Mountain) with just one little finger to protect the cow, cowherds and milkmaids from the wrath of Lord Indra who slashed heavy rains, thunder and lightening on them. 

Finally on the 8th day Indra was famished and had let go his ego and bow to Lord Krishna’s Miraculous Power. Gopa means Cow or a cowherd boy and Ashtami means the 8th day of the month. Hence, the name Gopashtami came about and this day is celebrated by worshiping the sacred Cow, the Mother of all Humans, as per Hindu Rituals.

“Govinda Hari Govinda Venkataramana Govinda”

Disclaimer : Picture And Story Courtesy : Compiled by Me from Various Sources, Friends and also from the Net .... 

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