Monday, November 7, 2016

Churmundo Modaks.

Churmundo / Choormundo (Ladoos) ……. Prepared using Besan (Chane peetHa) + Wheat Flour (Govan peetHa) + Rava (Gavuncho rulavu) ……A lovely soft ladoo that goes puff when you put it in your mouth ..... Children love this one very much ........

As mentioned already before this one is my Mom’s special signature recipe. My Mom makes this so good, that all my relatives used to yearn for them. These laddoos were taught to me by her and I prepared them under her watchful eyes, but yes never can I get them done like her. This time I tried making a few in the shape of Modak too using the Modak mould. Without going into more details posting the link to the recipe of Churmundo below. Please do check the link posted below, you will get detailed recipe there. Enjoy these ladoos with family and friends. I have also prepared some different combination one’s like with addition of milk masala powder, sabudana etc. Many more combinations will be prepared and posted soon. Keep a check on my blog and do send me a mail or message me on my fb. For querries. 

** Note : To prepare the Churmundo in modak shape, just apply melted ghee on the inside of the modak mould and stuff in the churmundo powder tight packed. Gently open and remove the churmundo modaks.

** Here is the link to Churmundo Recipe / Method of preparing churmundo's .... my mom's way ....

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