Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Spicy Rice~Moong Dal~Green Moong Sprouts khichidi (Pongal).

Spicy Khichidi made of Rice ~ Moong Dal ~ Whole Green Moong Sprouts ..... Seasoned with spices and groundnuts ....... That tastes great with simple fresh Curds or Raita ....... Yumz ....... A wholesome dish I enjoy at dinner time on a tired day out ........

Spicy Khichidi / Pongal is the same with a very minute difference. I however prepare different types of Spicy Khichidi with as many variations as possible, also with the addition of different types of veggies, non-veg or dals etc. Here is a nice and healthy version of the same. Spicy Khichidi / Pongal is something I prepare sometimes for Dinner when I have been out during the day and have not had to cook any lunch. Usually my combo of Khichidi is with Rice and Moong Dal with added on spices and sometimes veggies etc. served with some curds. Today I had some Sprouted whole green moong in the fridge, so decided to add them on to the khichidi to make it more nutricious. I had not expected the khichidi to create much of a difference from the usual one I make. But to my surprise the Khichidi tasted awesome with a sweetish tinge of taste to it from moong. Sometimes I guess things turn out great unexpectedly to our astonishment. Even hubby whom I did not say anything but just served it, had one spoon in mouth and he knew that this one was something different. That was the second surprise to me coz. it meant the Khichidi really had turned out absolutely awesome.

Wash 1 cup of Rice and 1 cup of Moong dal together in plenty of water. Soak it for 10 minutes and then rinse well. Drain off the excess water by putting it in a colander. Keep this ready aside. You will also need about one heaped cup of sprouted green moong. Sprouting of moong takes time and also you have to follow the procedure of soaking, draining and then keeping the moong covered aside for some time till sprouts appear. For the exact procedure of sprouting of moong or any bean please follow the link given at the bottom of the recipe. I have enclosed a detailed sprouting procedure of the same.

Heat ½ cup of ghee / clarified butter in a pressure cooker pan. When the ghee melts add in 2 tsp of jeera, 1 tsp of hing powder, ½ tsp of haldi / turmeric powder, 1 tsp of coarsely ground pepper powder and 2 heaped tsp of sambar powder (you may add in chilly powder and dhania powder if you do not have sambar powder). Fry for some time. Now add in the drained rice ~ moong dal mixture and the sprouted moong. Add in add salt to taste and mix well. Add about 6 cups of water and cover the pressure cooker lid. 

Pressure cook to 3 whistles on medium to low heat. Do not raise the heat at any point. Let the pressure fall on its own. Once the pressure comes down and you are able to open the pressure cooker lid, add in ½ cup of roasted or microwaved peanuts / ground nuts and 1 tblsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix well. Cover and keep aside for 10 minutes and then serve it hot with some pickle and fresh curds. The Spicy Khichidi tastes simply awesome with plain curds.

** For the Method of Sprouting of Moong, Please follow the link given below ….. 

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