Friday, October 14, 2016

Murg Badami With Capsicum Egg Garlic Fried Rice.

Murg Badami / Almond Chicken ….....… A delicious Mughlai Chicken Curry enriched with loads of almonds …..... Served with Capsicum ~ Egg ~ Garlic Fried Rice ...... My style fried rice ..... Royal Combo indeed .... Totally Yumz ...

I have already posted both these dishes. However, I repeated them in combo here for the sake of combo meals people often ask off. Yes many a time I get request asking for good combination of dishes …. Just like rice with sambar, chicken curry with roti so on …… this one is a very good combination of dishes to serve your guests ….. So go ahead and enjoy the same. 

Murg Badami / Almond Chicken ….. Yes the name itself sounds very royal and was one of the dishes prepared in royal houses as it included rich ingredients. Murg badami / Almond chicken as in the name is chicken curry made from almond paste with additon of cream and garnished with chopped almonds. Unlike many Indian spicy curries that are usually bright red, orange or green in colour, this recipe is slightly off whitish in colour. More sort of the colour of our very own Kurma. This curry has so many variations that I was really confused with its authenticity. After going through many of them I finally came up with my own easy version of the same. I intend to make the other varieties too as I simply loved this version of the curry which was very light on garam masala yet had enough flavour of the same, medium-hot spicy, subtle and very easy to make. You may find many versions of the same curry but do try this one out and I am sure you will like it very much. 

Capsicum ~ Egg ~ Garlic Fried Rice is my very own style of fried rice unlike the one's you get in hotel or generally prepared. Though the one's we get in restaurants taste awesome, I am a bit skeptical on the usage of Aji-No-Moto as is does not suit me on health basis. But then as I love fried rice I came up with my own version without them while I just add a little bit of soya sauce unlike again the liberate usage in hotels. This goes very well with any spicy curry be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Also Chinese style of manchurian is the best accompaniment to this fried rice. But here I have served it with Murg Badami / Chicken Almond and it tasted great. Next time for sure it will be with some Manchurian curry .... Until then do try this awesome dish and enjoy with family and friends. 

** For the Murg Badami Recipe, Please follow the link given below …. 

** For Capsicum ~ Egg ~ Garlic Fried Rice Recipe, Please follow the link given below …. 

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