Monday, September 19, 2016

Thali 27.

Fish Thali ...... Mori Hinga Uddaka Ghalnu Randai And Raja Panna Upkari / Small Shark Curry Seasoned With Asafoetida And Spicy Mackerel Curry ..... Served with Rice ...... Totally Yumz .......

Two curries one spicy and the other medium spicy prepared and served with rice as per two people’s choice. Hubby loves the panna upkari while I prefer the mori curry …… Both are simple in making yet very delicious in taste. 

I have already posted both the recipes, so will share in the links to the same here. Please do go through the links for the recipe. Any inconvenience caused is regretted, but there is no point in repeating the recipe too. This post was to enable another combo lunch or thali foods that’s on friends requests. Given below are the links .........

** For the Mori Hinga uddaka ghalnu randai / Small Shark Hing curry, Please follow the link given below …..

** For the Raja Panna Upkari / Spicy Mackerel curry, Please follow the link given below …….

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