Friday, September 16, 2016

Spicy Tomato - Pearl Onion Curry.

Spicy Tomato - Pearl Onion Curry ........ A Very Delicious side dish that goes well with paratha, roti, chapati or dosa ........

This one is a semi dry curry that goes well with Chapati / Roti / Parota or even Dosa. This is similar to our panna upkari in making except that whole pearl onions / single small onions are used. These are small onions called as sambar onions too as they are added to sambar that is served with Idly in Southern parts of India. Though a bit tedious to remove the skin of each onions the baji tastes simply awesome. So I guess its worth the trouble. So do try out this otherwise simple bhaji and enjoy with roti.

Peel of the skin of about 50-60 onions and keep them ready. Also chop to small pieces 3-4 medium sized tomatoes. Keep them also ready.

In a thick bottomed kadai, add about 2-3 tablsp of oil and once they become hot add in ¼ tsp of urad dal, when the colour changes slightly add in 1 tsp of mustard seeds, when they begin to splutter add in pinch of haldi powder, 2 tsp of red chilly powder, ½ tsp coriander powder, few curry leaves and fry for a few minutes. 

Now add in the onions and fry for a minute or two. Lower the heat to minimum and let cook for few minutes, then add in the tomatoes, mix well, cover with a tight lid and let cook on low heat. Do not add any water. The water content in the tomatoes are enough for the dish to get cooked in. Stir in between till done, to cook the curry evenly. 

Once the onions and tomatoes are cooked check in to see if there is too much water in the curry, if so increase the heat to high and keep frying till the water gets evaporated. Do this quickly as we do not want the tomatoes to over cook too much. Now the bhaji is done and ready to be served. Serve it hot as an accompaniment with any dish of your choice. But goes best with paratha or chapati.

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