Friday, September 16, 2016

Peas ~ Potato Stuffed Paratha.

Peas ~ Potato Stuffed Paratha …….. Totally Yumz, while aloo paratha which is considered the king of parathas is added with the goodness of peas, a really royal stuffed paratha indeed that can be enjoyed just as it is with homemade butter or curds / raita ……

Stuffed paratha's are very delicious and filling. Though a little bit difficult for newbies in rolling, once you get the knack of rolling it’s a breeze work. Somehow I do not make these frequently as they require oil in binding and frying. But then the final taste always makes you crave for more. Another benefit of stuffed paratha's is you don’t need any baji / curry to go with it. A stuffed paratha if made rightly contains all the benefits of health as well as taste and can be just eaten with raita, plain curds, pickle or fresh butter. A good one to carry in lunch box too. There are hundreds of combinations in stuffing's of Paratha's and I am sure all of you are aware of the same. But the king of all Stuffed Paratha is Aloo Paratha which rules all others and is a favourite among young and old alike. The next on line is Methi Paratha and then Radish Parathas. Though for some it may not be the same, I am stating here the general overall liking of people in India. Then comes the combinations one’s like aloo with radish, aloo with methi, peas etc. Today I prepared stuffed pratha with Aloo (Potato) and Vatana (Gresh green peas) and they were simply yumz. I served it with only fresh butter as I did not want any other item to spoil my paratha taste. So go ahead and prepare this easy paratha and enjoy with any dish of your choice.

Shell, wash and microwave one cup of fresh green peas for 3 minutes on high. You can also boil the fresh green peas in a little bit of water and strain properly. Whichever method you use, there should be no trace of water once the green peas are cooked. Let it cool a bit. Put the cooked peas in mixer grinder along with 3-4 chopped less spicy green chillies, 1 tblsp of chopped coriander leaves (Optional) and grind to a coarse paste. 

Wash, scrub well and pressure cook one large sized potato in a pressure cooker to 4-5 whistles. Let the pressure drop on its own. Remove the lid and keep the potato aside to cool a little bit. Once its cool enough to handle gently remove the outer skin and mash the potato to a very smooth paste. Do not use any water. 

In a flat bowl add in 3 cups of wheat flour and 2 tblsp of oil, salt to taste and mix to a crumble consistency. Then add in enough water and bind to a tight dough. The dough should be smooth and there should be no cracks on it. Cover and keep aside for about 10-15 minutes while you prepare the inner filling. Now in a large bowl add the mashed potatoes, peas ~ chilly paste, salt to taste, pinch of haldi, 1 tsp hing powder or 1 tblsp prepared hing water, pinch of coriander and jeera powder and mix well. Do not add water. Mix well to a balling consistency. 

Prepare equal amount of balls with both filling mixture and the outer dough so that you have them in equally and there is not shortage later on. The amount of outer dough should be larger than the inner filling. Say in the proportion of 1:2. The filling should be half amount of the outer dough or else the stuffing will leak out when you roll the paratha. Do watch some You Tube demos for the procedure if you are new to the rolling method. 

Now roll the outer dough into a poori size. Place the stuffing mixture ball in the center and fold over and roll the outer dough all round the stuffing and shape it into a stuffed ball. Now with the help of wheat flour for dusting roll the stuffed roti gently into a round shape, taking care to see that you do not put in too much pressure resulting in the stuffed mixture to come out. The rolling should always be done with equal and steady pressure in one go turn the roti and repeat which ensures you get evenly rolled paratha's.

Put the tava to heat on high and when its very hot lower the heat to medium and brush it with some ghee / oil and then gently place over the rolled stuffed paratha on the hot tava. Please be very careful when doing so, you may burn your hands. The paratha should be placed flatly without any creases in them. When you see bubbles appearing on the top side of the paratha, brush the top side of the paratha also with ghee / oil and with the help of a flat spatula gently overturn / flip the paratha and cook on the otherside too. When the other side gets cooked flip over again for a minute or two and once more ie both sides should be cooked again for a minute each. By now the Stuffed paratha will have cooked. Remove and keep it aside on a plate and you can brush this again with ghee if desired. Serve the paratha's hot with fresh butter, curds or raita or any dish of you choice. Repeat the procedure with remaining dough and mixture. Enjoy hot stuffed peas ~ potato paratha's with family and friends. They really are yummy. You can prepare them ahead and serve after some time too. But they are best served hot, though they taste great in lunch box too. 

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