Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lord Ganesha Curses the Moon.

Lord Ganesha Curses the Moon ...... A Short Story ......

Lord Ganesha – adorable son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi’s only weakness was sweets. Ganesha could not stop himself from eating sweets, he could eat them all through the day. If anyone offered him sweets, he would be so pleased and would stay the entire day to enjoy the same. 

One day after eating a lot of sweets all day, Lord Ganesha took ride on his mooshika vahan (his rat) towards home. With him, he had also gathered the remaining sweets, so that he could eat them on his way home too.

The rat Lord Ganesha’s vehicle somehow could not take in the Lord’s weight and tripped over coz. of which Lord Ganesha stumbled and fell down. Feeling embarrassed Lord Ganesha picked himself up taking care to see here and there that nobody had seen the incident. Unfortunately, the Moon – Chandra Deva who had been enjoying seeing Lord Ganesha’s ride all the while from above had seen everything. It was full moon day and the moon was on full glow. 

Seeing the pot bellied Ganesha stumble and fall, Chandra Deva could not control his laughter and began to laugh aloud. Chandra Deva was very handsome and was always on awe of himself. This disturbed Lord Ganesha and he was annoyed on being laughed at. He was furious that instead of helping him Chandra Deva was enjoying and making fun of him.

In fury Lord Ganesha cursed Chandra Deva saying he would disappear from the sky and would never show his face again to anyone and that the sky would remain dark at night. By now, Chandra Deva had begun to regret his actions as Lord Ganesha was everyone’s favourite. He was sorry for his actions and asked Lord Ganesha to forgive him and also to remove the harsh punishment.

Realizing he had taught Chandra Deva a good lesson Lord Ganesha who is always quick to forgive smiled and nodded his head. However, a curse once given could never be taken back, so he told Chandra Deva that he would lessen the effect of the curse. He told him that he would slowly reduce in appearance and only one day in a month would come when there would be no moon appearance and on the days following the new moon day, Chandra Deva would keep increasing in size and finally glow on the fifteenth day in your full size. Then Lord Ganesha thought for some time and with twinkling eyes continued that there would be one more condition that whoever sees Chandra Deva on full moon day, would have some problems. However, these problems would be solved if one listened to the story of Krishna and the Syamantaka Gem. 

Chandra Deva accepted the verdict humbly and thanked Lord Ganesha for being kind on him. It was from that day onwards that the moon has been decreasing in size before the no moon day and increasing till the full moon day!

|| Jai Guru Ganesh ||
May Lord Ganesh remove all obstacles from our lives and bless us with health, wealth and prosperity ..... Stay Blessed .....

Disclaimer : Picture And Story Courtesy : Compiled by Me from Various Sources, Friends and also from the Net .... 

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