Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Goli Bajo with Ripe Banana.

Sweet ~ Spicy ~ Spongy Ripe Banana Goli Bajo ....... A awesome snack during monsoon or just as it is to be enjoyed with friends ....... Yumz............

This is a simple, Instant and fast procedure of making yummy and spongy goli bajo. I have already posted Goli Bajo recipe before the only difference here is the addition on ripe banana.

Make a thick paste of 1 cup maida, ¼ cup besan, 2 tblsp of sugar, 1 tblsp chilly powder, pinch of hing and pinch of cooking soda or baking powder in a bowl with water. The paste should be thick as for biscuit ambado, so do not add more water. Add salt to taste and mix this to a smooth paste. There should be no lumps at all. In a another bowl mash 1 banana to a coarse paste and add this to the goli bajo mixture in the bowl. Mix well. Do not add water. You will get a thick balling consistency paste. 

Heat plenty of oil to boiling point in a thick kadai. Lower the heat to medium and wait for 5 minutes for the high heat to cool off. Add a small ball of batter into the batter, if it sinks down and rises up in 3-4 seconds, consider the heat for frying the Goli bajo is right. Now take about tablespoon full of mixture, roll it on the rim off the sides of the bowl as you remove it with your hands and drop it gently into the oil. Continue with some more, but do not overcrowd the kadai. 

Fry on medium heat till evenly browned. Remove with the help of slotted spatula, draining the excess oil right into the kadai and put them on a absorbent paper for the excess oil drain off. Continue the process with the remaining batter till all the batter is finished. Serve hot with tomato ketchup of coconut chutney. 

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