Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fried Bread Slices With Khajoor Dania Chutney.

Round Multigrain Bread Slices Tava Fried with Butter and served with a liberal spread of ...... "Khatta Meeta Teekha Khajoor ~ Dhania Chutney / Spicy Sweet Tangy Dates ~ Coriander Chutney with Coconut and added on spices" prepared by me And Ginger Tea ....... Yumz .....

Tava fried bread slices are nothing new that they should be blogged about I guess. However, Just for anyone out there who loves this simple fried bread slices with a layer of chutney spread, I thought of acknowledging the same. I know there is nothing outstanding about this snack, but it is the most loved English breakfast by kids all round the world. Fried bread slices are really quick and scrumptious, something that can be prepared in a jiffy and relished by both young and old alike. Fried bread slices taste yummy with a spread of spicy chutney or jam. Children love these bread slices with Jam while the older generation prefers them with chutney. Bread slices with coriander chutney is such a famous snack all round India and it is a boon for parents to pack them off in lunch box for the kids. This quick fix dish also serves the purpose of warding off mid morning hunger pangs too. Just a slice of the bread with a chutney spread takes you through the day for at least a few hours without your tummy growling away. 

As already mentioned before Dhania / Coriander Chutney is something I usually have in my fridge. I make it a point to prepare it on a regular basis so that I am able to cope up with dishes in a jiffy. At least if I am aware I will be busy for a few days, then I surely see to it that I prepare it way ahead and keep it in freezer. All that I would need would be bread. I had been shopping in mall when I glanced the newly introduced loafs of round sliced breads in different flavours. There is nothing more appealing than trying to taste these to find out if they taste good. So went ahead purchased two different types of loafs one, Methi Ajwain flavoured while the other one was of Multigrains. Khajoor ~ Dhania Chutney was already done a day back and was stored in freezer so here is simple tava fried Multigrain round bread with that generous thick layer of chutney spread …… Yumz. So there goes my breakfast with these fried bread and chutney along with hot Ginger Tea. Simply great. 

For frying the bread, just heat the tava to smoking point and lower the heat to minimum. Apply softened butter or melted ghee (Clarified butter) to both the sides of the bread and fry them on both the sides evenly browned. Prepare as many bread slices that you want and keep them ready.

While Serving : Apply a layer of Khajoor ~ Dhania Chutney or any other chutney of your choice that is available in your home evenly on the bread slices. The thickness off the chutney spread is upto individual liking. Some like sparsely applied chutney, while some like a thin layer and some like the people in my home like it applied in a thick layer. Serve them immediately. The only thing that you should keep in mind here is to apply the fried bread slices with chutney and immediately serve them. That is the best way to enjoy these as if you apply the chutney to the bread slices and do not serve them immediately they turn soggy soon and loose out on the taste. In addition, the crispiness of the toast will be lost so keep this in mind, go ahead preparing these yummy fried bread toasts and enjoy them with that chutney spread. 

** For the Khajoor – Dhania Chutney Recipe, Please follow the link given below …….

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