Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Prawns~Potato~Hogplum Hummana.

Prawns And Potato Hummana With Hogplums ........... A medium spicy curry seasoned with hing (hinga uddaka) and coconut oil ........ Goes well with Red Boiled Rice / Steamed Rice ........ Totally Yumz ........

Prawns with potatoes is a combination I am preparing for the first time. Usually we Amchies Konkani Saraswats do not add any veggies along with non Veg. dishes, but seeing that my Northern friends follow this principle today when I wanted to prepare prawns hummana I added in some larges chopped and cooked potatoes to it too. 

We prepare hummana a gravy dish seasoned with hing separately ie we prepare both potato hummana and prawn hummana, the recipe is same, so I made this today adding in both together. It does taste great, so now I am all set to prepare new dishes with veg and non veg combinations. 

Keep checking my blog for new combos. I have already posted both the curries separately, but will add in the details again as these are prepared together with the addition of hogplum. You can add in tamarind instead of hogplums if not available. But the dish always tastes a little bit different with hogplum / ambado and we simply love it. So when in season all my curry dishes ususally end up with the addition of hogplums. 

Skin and de-vein about 25 – 30 large sized fresh prawns. Wash in plenty of water and keep them ready aside. 

Peel / scrap of the skin of 2 large sized potatoes and cut them into large cubes. Wash well and put them in a pressure cooker and pressure cook to 1 whistle. Let the pressure drop on its own. Keep this ready aside.

Slice of the stem side of about 4 hogplums, slightly mash them with the help of a heavy weight or stone. They should just about be mashed. Keep this ready aside.

Masala to be ground : Add in a mixer grinder 2 cups of freshly grated coconut with 6-8 red kashmiri chillies and grind to a very fine paste. If not adding hogplums to curry then add a small marble sized tamarind to the masala while grinding. 

Add the ground masala in a wide stainless steel vessel and bring to a boil adding in the hogplums. Let the gravy simmer till the hogplums get cooked. Add in the cooked potatoes and 1 large tablespoon of prepared hing water. If not available and adding hing powder add it later on. Once the curry has blended in well add in the cleaned prawns and bring to a boil. Once the curry comes to a boil, immediately remove from fire and keep aside. Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, cover and keep aside for the flavours to get well blended. The curry is done.

Once you have added the prawns do not cook for long time, the prawns if cooked more will get hardened. Serve the curry hot with hot steaming rice. Red boiled rice goes very well with this curry. Enjoy this curry during monsoon serving it hot. Also add in tamarind if not using hogplums.

** Note : For Preparing Hing Water : Hing water is prepared by putting a small marble sized gummy hing (available in South Indian Stores) into a glass bottle and adding about a small cup of boiled and cooled water to it. Within a few hours the hing will slowly melt and you will get a thick whitish liquid. This is hing water. You can keep this in the fridge and use sparingly as and when needed. We GSB / Sarawath Konkani people usually prepare the same and keep it in the fridge always and use the same for dal, patrado or any other humman etc. 

** If adding hing powder, heat the coconut oil and when hot add in a 1 large teaspoon of hing powder in it and then add it to the curry. I have added hing water which is always available in my home. You may choose any method.

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