Monday, August 8, 2016

Ponsa Mulika / Ripe Jackfruit Fritters.

Ripe Jackfruit season has almost come to an end …. Found some sweet and ripe jackfruit (Tulvo) in market today….. So bought them to prepare Amchi Delicacy …… Ponsa Mulik / Ripe Jackfruit Fritters (Dumplings) …… Yumz ……

There are many dishes that can be prepared with ponsu / ripe jackfruit. These are sweet dumplinks / fritters that are deep fried which we Amchies call “Ponsa Mulika”. The ripe jackfruit pods used for the same should sweet in taste as sweeter ones give out more flavour and also we can add on lesser jaggery for sweetening the same. A good mulika when prepared should not turn out soggy or soak in more oil while deep frying. 

You can make these fritters either with Bombay rava or rice. However, by and large these are prepared with a little coarser texture of rava. These can be stored at room temperature for 8-10 days without any problem. But if you want to keep it for 2 weeks or so put them in tight lid box and store in the refrigerator. 

Ingredients :
Ripe Jackfruits – 12 -15 (sweet one’s)
Jaggery – Approximately 100 – 150 gms ~ grated.
Bombay Rava / Semolina – About 500 gms.
Coconut : About 2 cups freshly grated and only white part.

Clean the ripe jackfruits. Remove the extra strips that are attached to the pods. Remove the inner seeds along with the cover that is attached to the seed. These seeds are called bikkand and can be used in preparation of curries. Chop the jackfruit into pieces and keep them ready.

In the mixer grinder jar add in the jackfruit pieces and coconut and grind to a smooth paste. Do not add in any water. You can keep side some finely chopped pieces to add on later to the mixture. That is optional. Now add in the grated jaggery into the mixer and further grind all till you get a smooth mixture. 

Remove the ground paste in a wide stainless steel bowl. Add in the Bombay rava / semolina and mix well. If you find the mixture too thin and does not come for binding add in 1-2 tblsp of rice flour or some more semolina and mix well. 

Add in the jackfruit pieces kept aside if you want now and mix to a nice thick mixture. When you take about a tablespoon of the mixture in hand, you should be able to bind them and give a round shape. Keep the mixture aside for some 15 mins. Rava soaks up liquid and tends to become dry. Allowing it to settle helps you with the texture. Check and add in a little bit water and mix if you find the mixture too dry. Prepare lemon sized balls from the mixture and keep them ready aside. 

Heat plenty of oil in a wide thick bottomed kadai, when the oil is hot enough, lower the heat to medium and add in the prepared mixture balls. Do not make the balls too soft nor too hard. If too soft sometimes they crack up in the oil. So keep the consistency right. Do not over crowd the kadai, there should be plenty of oil around the balls for them to get evenly fried and browned. So fry them in batches. 

Once you add in some of the prepared mixture balls, do not touch them with a spatula or try moving them or stirring them. There are changes that the bals will break and open up, so let them fry for some 4-5 minutes untouched on medium heat, then gently stir them with a holed spatula. Rotate all the balls, taking care and seeing that they don’t break up. After another 3-4 minutes you can overturn them nicely and fry them till they turn golden brown. 

Remove the prepared mulika / fritters on an absorbent paper. Repeat process with the remaining mixture balls. Once all are done, allow them to cool completely and then store them in air tight containers. 

Relish these mulikas as a snack for those in between hunger pangs or as a snack with tea. Which ever way you choose they taste very delicious. 

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