Friday, August 5, 2016

Multi Grain Pops Topped them with Onion Radish Salad.

Multigrain Pops (Air Fried Live before us) …. Topped them with Onion Radish Salad ...... truly awesome to munch on .........

These are Multi Grain Air fried Pops available in Malls nowadays. I really have no knowledge how they are made, but they are nice to munch on, also they are not deep fried so a little bit guilt free. They are available both in small and medium sizes, coloured and without colour too. I had purchased a few packets and was not sure what else could be done with the same, while I remembered masala papad. So I went ahead and just prepared some onion radish salad and topped it on the Pops and served them. Yumz. They really tasted great.

Peel of the skin of one medium sized radish and grate it on a large holed grater. Peel of the skin of 2 large sized onions and slice them very finely to lengthwise slices. Mix both the radish and onions in a bowl. Add salt to taste and coarsely powdered black pepper powder. Mix well by crushing the onions well to mix with radish. Do not apply too much force. Top them on the Multi Grain pops and add a dash of lime juice and serve with a piece of lime individually. These should be served immediately as otherwise the pops will go limp and then its tasteless. The same can be served on roasted papads too. Enjoy these as starters with hot steaming soup or drinks.

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