Saturday, August 20, 2016

Chilled Banana Milk Shake.

Chilled Banana Milk Shake ….. A real thirst quencher and tummy filler …. 

Banana milk shake is really healthy, Nutritious, Filling, Delicious and nice milkshake which you can enjoy with your whole family. I am sure they will love this shake. This milkshake is also a good substitute for dinner specially when you have had a heavy lunch and you want to go light at night. It aids in digestion too. 

You can prepare this just with milk and bananas with vanilla flavour or add in a scoop of vanilla ice cream just for thickness and yummy taste. Which ever way you prepare it its definitely a good one to have in summer or when the temperatures rise in between seasons. This one is really simple to prepare and go ahead and enjoy with your family and friends. 

Put 2 cups of skimmed milk and 1 large or 2 small bananas chopped to pieces along with 2 teaspoons of sugar and blend well till they are mixed into a smooth pulp. Add in some crushed ice and a scoop of vanilla ice cream (add more if desired) and blend / pulse for a few seconds. Remove and pour into tall glasses topped with ice cubes. Serve chilled immediately.

** Note : Vanilla Ice Cream is an option. You can leave it out if not desired or for health reasons as the calories get increased with the addition of ice cream. Also you can use full fat milk if desired. 

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