Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cheppi Kheeri And Patrado.

Cheppi Kheeri And Patrado ...... Yumz ....... A great combination .....

Cheppi Kheeri is a delicious bland kheeri prepared with only rice cooked in coconut milk with the addition of turmeric leaves for aroma .......... Patrado / Alu Vadi / Colocasia Leaves Spirals ........... is made of Whole Green Moong with the addition of masala and spices ~ A Amchi Delicacy ..... Simply yumz as side dish with Dalitoy (Spiced Dal) and Sheetha (Rice) ........ Both dishes are prepared during Nag Panchami as offering to God .... and I simply love this combination of dish and I always prepare them together …….. Enjoy ....

Patrado is a must in Amchi / GSB Saraswat konkani cuisine. No Amchi is ignorant of this dish. Its stands at par with our Dalitoy (Spiced Tuvar Dal) and is enjoyed by all Amchies all over the world. Though it’s a bit of tidious and time consuming dish, it’s a pampered dish and everybody makes effort to learn the preparation of this dish, so that they can always enjoy this with family as this is something not available in the stores and even if it does, its not the same like homemade. These are made of colcasia leaves (Arvi leaves) multilayered to which spicy masala mixed with ground dals is applied, rolled tightly like pinwheels and then steamed. To date this stands undivided attention from every Amchi and is one of GSB (Konkani Saraswats) favorite dish. If prepared when you have guests rest assured you would have a hit party for sure. These are best served steaming hot topped with coconut oil with Dalitoy-Sheetha (Rice) a sure hit combination.

Cheppi Kheeri is actually bland kheer ie kheeri which is neither sweet / salty / sour nor spicy. This is a traditional GSB / Saraswat Konkani dish prepared during many festivals around rainy season when turmeric leaves are available in plenty. Legend has it saying that Goddess Parvathi prepared this with lots of love to Lord Shiva who relished this with great desire. So may be the other main ingredient in this dish is “cooking it with love”. This kheeri is a very simple dish prepared as Naivedyam / an offering to God on auspicious days, for which only a good quality rice is used in cooking along with coconut milk and turmeric leaves. The aroma of the turmeric leaves is acutally the whole and sole of this particular Kheeri. The whole of house gets filled with this fragrant aroma when cooked. The dish though simple is yet very very tasty and has a tinge of sweetness to it when eaten.

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