Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Suran Upkari (Bhaji) With Tomato.

Surna Upkari Tomato Ghalnu / Suran Bhaji With Tomato …. A simple and easily digestable bhaji …. Suran is also known as Yam / Jimikand / Suvarna Gedde and is a vegetable widely found all round India having lots of Medicinal and Nutritional benefits …..

Suran is a very versatile vegetable widely available all round India. It is very well known for its high nutritional and medicinal values. In southern parts of India, it is said to purify and increase good level of hemoglobin in the body. The vegetable is used in many preparations like podi, mixing with pulses, koftas, upkari / bhaji and also cooked sometimes on its own too. Though these vegetables are available sometimes in minute differences, by and largely they are all of the same family and are usually edible in all matters. Sometimes though some are easy to cook while some take a litlle bit more time in cooking. Some of them have itching properties while some do not. 

In southern parts of India some of the suran when cooked plain for upkari / bhaji have itching sensations so a little bit of tamarind pulp are added in while cooking the same. This is the way mom used to cook ... by either seasoning the same with karbev-sasam-hing-red chilly or garlic with red chilly ... mom used to add tomatoes instead of tamarind to the upkari to ward off the itching properties ...... though i have never found such suran in Mumbai ... i follow her method coz . That's how I relished this upkari from childhood .... do try ... its yumz.

Peel and chop the suran into cubes. Put them immediately in water as you go about chopping them as they tend to turn blackish. You should have about 400-500 gms of chopped pieces in all. Wash them in plenty of water and drain off the excess water.

Heat a thick bottomed kadai with 2 tblsp of oil, when hot add in 1 tsp of mustard seeds, when they begin to splutter, add in 4-5 red chillies chopped to pieces along with 8-10 curry leaves. Fry for a few seconds. Lastly add in 1 tblsp of hing powder, mix well and immediately add in the chopped suran pieces. Mix all well, add in ¼ cup of water, salt to taste and cover with a tight lid. Cook on medium heat till you see steam passing through the lid, now open the lid, mix well, lower the heat to minimum and cook covered till 80% done.

Add in 2 large sized tomatoes chopped to small pieces and mix well. Cover and cook till done. Mix well, remove from heat and leave aside for some time before you serve it hot with Dal-Chawal. You should add the tomatoes towards the end process of cooking coz. otherwise they will get overcooked by the time the suran is cooked and ready. This way the tomato will also retain its shape and at the same time it will leave out its sour properties to the suran and the upkari / bhaji will be combined well. You serve this with roti too. The same upkari can be prepared with losun / garlic seasoning too. I have already posted it before so will share the link below.

** For the Suran Talasani Recipe, Please follow the link given below ……..

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