Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Egg Butter Masala / Egg Makhani With Jeera Pepper Rice.

Egg Butter Masala / Egg Makhani With Jeera Pepper Rice ….... A delicious Indian Main Dish enjoyed all over the world, usually prepared with chicken / paneer ..…. Though a little bit heavier on calories, I love this dish served with naan / pulav in restaurants since childhood ....… Yummy~Yumz …...

Butter masala is used in preparation of chicken, veggies, paneer and eggs. Though initially this dish I think was introduced with chicken. I remember to date my joy in having this dish with chicken, one of my most fav. With naan. Till date it has remained my most desired dish. I simply can hog on this and biryani anytime anyday. Butter masala does not need much of introduction as I am sure almost every Indian is aware and has heard about this dish while most of them have tasted it too be it in veg or non veg. So I will not run into the details. But I would like to mention here that over the years I tried many recipes and finally came about to may own method of preparing the dish. This is very close to the one’s you get in restaurants. So go ahead and prepare and enjoy this dish with family. I assure you if you like butter masala you will find this dish extremely awesome in taste.

Jeera Pepper Rice is a easy to make one pot meal that can be prepared in a jiffy. This rice / pulav is seasoned only with jeera~pepper~cinnamon coz of which it goes very well with any spicy or medium spicy dishes. When you have a good curry …. You need something with lighter flavours to go along with it to make it into a hit combo lest it becomes over mixed with spices. I prepare this pulav often at home as I find that it goes along well with chicken, egg, paneer or veg. Kurmas very well. I have posted similar one’s before like Jeera Rice and Pepper Rice. There is minute difference among these three pulav’s. Just the variations of spices in addition of pepper and jeera while basics remain same. Here I have have prepared this with Egg Butter Masala / Egg Makhani which complimented each other very well. 

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