Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Deep Fried Masala Jackfruit Seeds


Deep Fried Masala Bikkand / Jackfruit Seeds ..... A yummy snack to munch on with a good book in hand ..... while its pouring heavily and your have nowhere to go .......

Thanks to my friend Usha Bhat from Konkani Khan Anik Jevan (Admin) for the recipe ...... I just tweaked it a little bit and kept the jackfruit seed whole instead of slicing them, also just mashed them each with a heavy weight and added some of  my favourite spices too ....... Its simply yumz and we loved it. 

You can use fresh or frozen bikkand for this, but the jackfruit seed has to be in good condition and not wrinkled and brittle. The seeds should not be dried too much where the bulk of the seeds gets lost and they get wrinkled.

Remove the dried outer white skin of about 25 dried bikkand / jackfruit seeds. Now there is a dark brown coloured thinner skin also attached to it, this you may remove or leave it as it is. I did not remove. 

Again there are two options of using the bikkand / jackfruit seeds. You can either slice them lengthwise to 4 pieces or just crush them with a heavy weight and keep it whole. I kept it whole as I preferred it that way.

Now put them in a pressure cooker pan and add in the following masala powders … 2 tsp chilly powder (plus or minus depending upon how much spicy you want), ½ tsp haldi powder, 1 tsp coriander powder, 1 tsp fennel powder, ½-1 tsp hing powder (Asafoetida), salt to taste and mix well adding about a cup of water or just enough for the seeds to get cooked and pressure cook to three whistles. 

Let the pressure drop on its own. Remove and if there are any traces of extra water you can put it on low heat and evaporate the same. The masala will have stuck to the seeds. Let the seeds cool a bit, say for 15-20 minutes.

Heat oil in a thick bottomed kadai, when smoking hot, lower the heat to minimum and wait for 5 minutes. Now add in the cooked jackfruit seeds as it is into the oil. Be careful and stay away from the kadai as the oil will sizzle as there is water content in the seeds. Now cook the seeds on medium flame till they are evenly browned. When the bubbles on the oil start decreasing its almost done. Remove one or two and check to seed if done. Once done remove on an absorbent paper for the excess oil to drain off. 

Now go ahead and munch it as and when you want with a good book in hand or while chatting with friends. You can also enjoy it watching your favourite movie or TV serial. This is a time pass snack that can be enjoyed anywhere anytime. 

** For Freezing of Bikkand / Jackfruit Seeds Method, Please follow the link given below ..

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