Sunday, June 19, 2016

Spicy Dry Coconut Lasooni Chutney.

Spicy Dry Coconut Lasooni Chutney ....... Goes well with Idly, Dosa, Appo, Khotto and also with Pejja, Dal-Chawal, but above all irresistible with Amchi Mumbai Vada Pav .....

You need grated coconut for the preparation of this chutney. You can either grate fresh coconut or buy grated dry coconut or grate dry coconut available in the market. You can choose any method you prefer. Just fry the coconut on a thick bottomed kadai on medium heat till light brown in colour. Do not add any oil or keep the flame high. Keep stirring to prevent it from burning. Remove and keep aside. Whenever there is excess coconut or when I use the top fresh white part of the coconut as per requirement of any dish then the lower part of the coconut remains unused. I grate it, fry it and store it in the fridge ready to use whenever I find the time or when the other ingredients are available in plenty at home. It helps in making lasooni chutney or curry leaves chutney in a jiffy. I have already posted the method before, the only difference being I have used tamarind here instead of amchur powder and red chilly powder instead of whole red chillies. Also I have added both skinned and peeled garlic in the ratio 1:1. Rest of the method remains the same.

You will need : For this recipe I have used about 4 cups of the fried coconut. You can also prepare the same immediately. You will need about 4.5 cups of the fresh coconut to fry which will yield in about 4 cups after frying. 

1st Method : In a thick bottomed Kadai heat 1 tblsp of oil add about 1 cup of garlic cloves (remove the skin of ½ cup of garlic and retain the skin of ½ cup, coz. The garlic skins impart a beautiful smell to the chutney and also helps in keeping the chutney dry) and fry till light brown add 15-20 red kashmiri chilly (more or less depending on how spicy you like the chutney to be), 1 lemon sized ball of tamarind, salt to taste (about 2-3 tblsp) and mix well, fry on low heat for a good 5-10 minutes. Add this to the fried coconut and mix well. Let cool completely. Then grind in a mixie on low speed stopping and mixing it frequently in between. Do not grind at high speed. The coconut may leave oil and the chutney will become soggy. Use pulse method in grinding if possible.

** 2nd Method : The full procedure can be done on Micro Wave which is very convenient …. I microwave the coconut gratings first on high for 5 minutes and then 2 minutes each time after mixing well. Then on low heat till its light brown in colour by stopping in between at every minute. In between when 65 % done I add in the rest of the ingredients and continue till done. In this method you can just add in the garlic by rubbing them with little oil with you hands instead of frying. This method gives a clean chutney without any sogginess.

Note : You can mix in Amchur Powder instead of tarmarind. In which case use about 2 tsp or depending upon how much tangy you want it. 
** You can also add chilly powder instead of whole chillies. In which case use 2 tblsp of chilly powder again depending upon how spicy the chilly powder is and how much spicy you want the chutney to be. 

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