Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pepper Rice And Beetroot Egg Masala.

My own Combo Meal ....... Pepper Rice With Curds And Spicy Beetroot Egg Masala ...... Yummy Yumz ....

Combo meals are simply a combination of 2 to 3 items set up together and served. It is a vogue now at fast foods. These are considered complete food with a curry preparation along with a veggie combined with rice / roti / bread and served with curd or beverage. Indian thali or food at home has always been a combo meal for ages now. It is just that Indian food lacks promotion of its food combinations otherwise we would have now been one of the topmost country for combo meals. Our Thali is a complete meal by itself with many dishes as per the requirement of one’s diet. Our breakfast combos are also great. some of the great combo’s being our very own Idly-Chutney-Sambar, Dal-Bhati, Sarson ka Saag-Makai ki Roti, Ragada-Patties, Uttapam-Sambar, Rajma-Chawal, Pav-Bhaji, Chole-Batura, Kadhi-Chawal and then our Very own Amchi Dalitoy-Sheetha(Rice). 

Here is my very own combo meal, great on protien, carbohydrates, Vitamins etc. Whenever, I prepare a spicy curry dish / spicy biryani or pulav, I prefer to keep the accompaniment side dish a little bland as my family does not prefer both dishes spicy or high on garam masalas. They actually do not compliment each other well. So out of the two, one has to be a bit bland for the taste to mix and match while all the time keeping in mind the taste and necessity of proper ingredients in them. Pepper rice is a bland / non spicy rice prepared with a little bit of seasoning only which goes very well with Egg curries. As I had lots of beetroot at home, I ventured into making Beetroot Egg Masala and trust me it was a breakthrough in Egg curry. Everybody simply loved this Curry with a difference and the pulav and simple curds complimented very well with the curry. 

** For the Pepper Rice Recipe, Please follow the link given below …… 

** For the Beetroot Egg Masala Recipe, Please follow the link given below ……. 

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