Sunday, June 19, 2016

Kabuli Chana Masala Pulav With Egg Masala Kadhi.

Spicy Kabuli Chana Masala Pulav With Egg Masala Kadhi …"Chana Masala Pulav" ..... Is a aromatic pulav made with whole spices and masala powders that goes well with "Egg Masala Kadhi" ..... A Restaurant Style Curry seasoned with lots of garlic + onion and garnished with Chilli Flakes …. Yumz ….. Aaj to dabba khali petH full …….

Spicy Kabuli Chana Masala Pulava with Egg Masala Kadhi is a great combo meal. Given in detail below is the details of both the dishes. Do go through the links for the recipe. Also try out this combo and enjoy with your family and friends. Again I assure you it’s a tried and tested recipe in my kitchen. Tastes yummiclicious.

Kabuli chana or chick peas pulav is something common in the northern parts of India. This pulav is prepared spicy and goes well with simple raita. The pulav is a good one to be carried in lunch box too as it is quite filling with the addition of chick peas to the rice. I have served this one with Egg Masal Kadhi and it was a hit combo in my home. Do try out this awesome pulav and I assure you, your family will demand more and more of it each and every time. Children love to pick and eat those chanas from the pulav and yes it is a nutricious pulav that you should include to the list of your do’s recipe.

Kadhi is a common dish in our house, but till date I have never added eggs to them. Somehow today was Egg day and due to Electricity failure I could not grind masala in my mixer. The eggs were already hard boiled, so something had to be done out of it. Plus it was too late to sit and think of something new. Curds are something always available plenty in my fridge. I had already decided on prepared Chana Masala Pulav. All I needed was an accompaniment to it. Was just thinking of making raita when husband said prepare kadhi and add in the eggs to it. He does give strange Ideas but then I thought why not. 

We always loved Kadhi with pulav or khichidi. So went ahead and made them. I kept the kadhi recipe same as the one I always make. Just made some tweeks by adding in a little bit of fennel powder and some more garlic to combat with the eggs. They turned really great. The garlic flavour and the eggs combined so well that I have thought of preparing this kadhi often now. Go ahead and do prepare this, you will be amazed how simple and quick the curry is in making and how much it will be loved by your family. 

** For the Egg Masala Kadhi Recipe, Please follow the link given below ……

** For the Spicy Kabuli Chana Masala Pulav Recipe, Please follow the link given below …..

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