Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Crispy Masala Dosa with Red Chutney and Potato Onion Bhaji.

“Crispy Masala Dosa with Red Chutney and Potato Onion Bhaji” ….. A special scrumptious masala dosa for breakfast a treat in itself ….. Enjoyed in every house ….Yummy .....

Masala dosa needs not introduction as it is famous worldwide. Every housewife has here own method of preparing the same. There are many methods of preparing this yummy dosa. I have my own method which I have already posted before. But I always like to try out other recipes too. This one is my friend Nandini Kini's Recipe, It's simply awesom. I have just made some minute change in grinding pattern, that’s all. Without going into the details of masala dosa I will straight away post the recipe for making of this crispy dosa. Do try out this method, you really will get a good crispy dosa. The red chutney served along is also awesome and so is the potato onion bhaji.

For the Dosa : 1 cup dosa rice, 1/2 cup urad dal/ skinless split black gram, 2 tsp chana dal/ bengal gram, 3 tsp toor dal, 1 tsp methi/ fenugreek seeds, 3 tsp poha/beaten rice/ avalakki, 3 tsp fine rava/ semolina, Salt to taste, Pinch of sugar, Oil for cooking dosa.

I have just made a small change by grinding the dals and rice separately as I use wet grinder method. Her recipe calls for soaking and grinding of all lentils together. You can choose whichever is suitable to you.

Wash and soak urad dal, chana dal, toor dal together in plenty of water for 5-6 hrs. Wash and soak rice and methi seeds together separately also in plenty of water. Wash and drain off the water from urad-chana-toor dal and grind to a fluffy and smooth paste in a wet grinder with one cup of water. Add more water only if necessary. Do not add much of water else the batter will become thin. 

Wash and drain off the water from rice-methi. To this wash and add in the poha and grind into a fine paste in a mixer grinder with just enough water. Do not add excess water. Remove and add this batter to the urad-chana-toor batter. Add salt and sugar and mix well. The batter should be of thick consistency. Cover with a tight lid and leave aside near a warm place to ferment overnight or for 8-10 hours. The fermentation process defers from place to place. Where the weather is hot it may take lesser time and vice versa.

Next morning or after 8-10 hours add in the thin rava and mix well, adjust the consistency by adding in more water if necessary. The batter is now completely ready to remove crispy masala dosa. 

Heat large sized thick iron tava or a non stick tava, whichever you choose to smoking hot. Once it hot sprinkle some water and wait for the bubbles that appear to go off. Do be careful, the water will be hot. Now add in ½ tsp of any edible oil and spread and wipe off the excess with a clean tissue paper. Now the tava is prepared for the removal of dosas. Keep the heat on medium and do not raise to high. Take one large ladle full batter, drop it on the center of the pan and spread dosa evenly with circular motions with the back of a rounded spatula into a thin and evenly spread circular dosa. Put some drops of oil on the outer circular side of the cooking dosa and a few on top too. Cook the dosa on medium flame adding till evenly done and crispy on the bottom. Gently loosen the dosa and remove through the outer edges towards the center with the help of a flat spatula. Once it is roasted ,spread red chutney on it, put some potato bhaji, fold and serve hot. 

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