Monday, June 13, 2016

Chilled Mango Kokum Coolant.

Ufff .... It's still a long wait for the rains I guess ..... Here is another Coolant to beat the on going heat in Mumbai ....... "Chilled Mango Kokum Coolant" ..... Enjoy And Stay Chilled .....

Chilled Mango Kokum Coolant ... is combo of Mango and kokum juice which has lots of cooling properties to beat the summer heat.

This one is a mix and match juice of my own. I am always in the look out for various combinations in juices and always give it a try. Mango being in season is available in plenty. Also I had to finish off the Mangoes before they got spoilt due to excess heat this summer. 

Too much off mango produces heat in the body though it does have many other benefits too. So thought why not add in kokum juice which reduces excess heat in the body. So just went ahead and prepared this awesome combo of Mango and kokum juice. 

I have kept this juice simple. Just mixed Mango Juice with Kokum in the ratio of 3:1 ie. I added one part of kokum juice to 3 parts of mango juice and mixed well. 

A lovely drink to be hand during summer time. Serve this drink chilled in tall glasses and enjoy. 

** For the Mango Juice Recipe, Please follow the link given below …..

** For the KokumJuice Recipe, Please follow the link given below …..

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