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Urad dal chana dal Idly Rava Spicy Idly.

Spicy Idly made of ..... Urad Dal + Chana Dal + Idly Rava + Carrots + Spices .... With Coconut Chutney ........... Yummy ......

Idlies with chutney or sambar for breakfast are a way of life in most South Indian homes. We amchies love to have Dosa, Idly, shevai or Oondi for breakfast. Though traditionally there were only a few combinations of Idlies prepared by our ancestors, in today’s changing times people have adapted to new methods and tastes, also people are not hesitant to try out new recipes. Communication and ladies venturing out at new fields have not only made them innovative but also given them the courage to try out new methods and combinations. Coming across people of different cultures on daily basis has also helped us with changing the eating patterns. I love to experiment with Idly combinations. Some turn out great while some are healthy but not so much on taste. But then, one has to take into consideration the health aspects too. Here is a simple Idly prepared adding vegies and spices. 

Wash and soak 1 cup of Urad Dal and 1 cup of chana dal separately for 3-4 hours. Wash and drain off all excess water by putting the urad dal and chana dal separately in colanders. Wash and soak 2 cups of Idly rava in plenty of water just before you start grinding the other ingredients. 30 minutes of soaking is more than enough for Idly rava. Tilt the vessel and drain off the excess water on top completely. Allow to rest for another 5 minutes before mixing it with the other batter. 

Grind Urad dal to a smooth paste by adding only that much water that is required. You should get a thick fluffy paste. I use wet grinder which multiplies the urad dal when ground more than that in mixer grinder. You can use any method. Remove and put it in a large vessel. Grind the chana dal into a coarse textured paste like that of fine rava by adding little bit of water only. Do not add more water. Keep sprinkling water as you grind. I have used mixer grinder to grind chana dal as you get a correct / better texture in it. Remove and add it to the ground urad dal paste. Now add in the prepared Idly rava, salt to taste and mix well. Leave it aside to ferment for 8 hours or overnight. 

Next day morning add in 3 medium sized grated carrots, 1/2 tsp of red chilly flakes, 1 tsp of finely chopped ginger, 1 tsp of finely crushed green chillies and ½ tsp of coarsely powder pepper. Mix well and keep for 10 minutes. Once again mix it all in clockwise direction well. Gently pour the batter with the help of a rounded spatua into the moulds to ¾ th level only. You should leave gap on top of the moulds as the batter will rise when getting steamed. I have used small steel vaties / moulds here to get small sized Idlies. Remember to apply oil to the moulds before adding in the batter. Applying of oil to the moulds ensures that the batter does not stick to it and comes off cleanly without crumbling once the Idly is steamed and cooled a bit.

Keep the Idly steamer with required amount of water to heat on high level. When it reaches full steam, lower the heat and gently place in the steel vaties / moulds one by one in a single layer, then keep the separator and place some more vaties in layers and so on. I have a three tiered Idly steamer, where I can place four vaties in each layers in all adding to 12 Idlies. Cover the lid tightly. Increase the heat and steam for 5-10 minutes or till you see steam escaping through the lid, then lower the heat to medium and steam for 20 minutes. The time for steaming process here depends on the size of the moulds. Smaller one’s take lesser time while larger one’s should be steamed a little bit more for evenly cooked Idlies. If using larger moulds you can steam for about 45 minutes in all ie. 10 + 30-35 Minutes. 

Remove and cool a bit. Run a blunt knife through the edges on the inner side of the vaites / moulds and gently flip over the vaties / moulds and tap it a bit to bring out the steamed Idly in one go. Serve the Idly with sambar / dal / chutney or any spicy curry as an accompaniment. 

** Note:
The proportions mentioned above of Urad Dal, Chana Dal and Idly Rava are when using the wet grinder method. If using mixer then you have got to adjust the proportions as the result of grinding urad dal in wet grinder and mixer are not the same. Wet grinder yields in softer and bulkier quantity of urad dal when ground were as the mixer does not do the same. 

While using Mixer for grinding : If you are using mixer for grinding purpose then the proportion of the dals remain same while Idly rava should be adjusted and only 2 cups added. Use 1 heaped cup of urad dal + 1 cup of chana dal with 2 cups of Idly Rava. Rest method remains same.

** For the Coconut Chutney Recipe, Please follow the link given below ...... 

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