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The Four Yugas of Time in Hindu Mythology.

The Four Yugas of Time in Hindu Mythology .....I loved this interesting concept and is one of the best message I have come across in the recent days.

There are four yugas widely accepted in Hinduism. They are : 
1. Satya Yuga 
2. Treta Yuga
3. Dwapara Yuga
4. Kal Yuga

Each epochal period within which a new humanity takes birth evolves according to the cycles of the Yugas. Every major epoch begins with a Golden Age, also known as Satya Yuga. The Golden Age is followed by the Silver Age or Treta Yuga. The Silver Age is in turn followed by the Bronze Age. The final and darkest of all the ages is the Kali Yuga or Iron Age

In Satya Yuga (sometimes also called krta-yuga): The figtht was between two worlds (Devalok & Asuralok). Asuralok being the evil, was a different WORLD. The process of self-realization in this yuga is meditation on Visnu. During this yuga the majority of the population is situated in the mode of goodness and the average life span at the beginning of the yuga is 100,000 years. The first four avatars namely ..... Matsya, Kurma, Varaha and Narasimha came in this yuga. 

In Treta Yuga (also called the silver age) : The fight was between Rama and Ravana. Both rulers from two different COUNTRIES. The process during this yuga is of self realization is the performance of opulent yajnas(sacrifices). The average life span is 10,000 years and the godly qualities decrease one fourth compared to the Satya yuga. It is during this age that Varna-asrama-dharma is introduced. The 5th to 7th avatars Vamana, Parashurama and Rama came in this yuga.

In Dwapara yug (Called the bronze age) : The fight was between Pandavas and Kauravas. Both good and evil from the SAME FAMILY. The process of self realization is the worship of the deities within temples. Godly qualities are reduced to 50% by now and the average life expectancy is only 1000 years. The 8th and 9th avatars Krishna and Balarama comes in this yuga.

Kindly note how the evil is getting closer. For example, from a DIFFERENT WORLD to a DIFFERENT COUNTRY to the SAME FAMILY.

Now, know where is the evil in the “at present Kaliyug (Called the Iron age) ???”
The Kalki avatar is the one which is yet to come in Kali Yuga.

It is the age of hypocrisy and quarrel lasts. Lord Krishna appeared in His original, transcendental form right before the beginning of Kali Yuga. The process of self-realization is sankirtana, the chanting of the Holy Names of the Lord. God consciousness is reduced to 25% of the population and life expectancy is only 100 years. By now, already 5000 years of Kali yuga have passed and it is predicted that by the end of the yuga people will hardly be older than 20 years and their only food will be meat. It considered that the Kali is inside us, meaning both GOOD AND EVIL live within each man. The battle is within us. To Whom will we give victory, our inner goodness or the evil within??

So think, identify, and fight the evil within. For right now — finds itself deep in throes of the Kali Yuga, also known as the “Age of Conflict”. For those who grew up in argument-prone families or are presently in quarrel-ridden relationships, the Kali Yuga is also known as the “Age of Quarrel too”.

Kalki translates to 'Eternity,' 'White Horse,' or 'Destroyer of Filth' and is the final incarnation of Vishnu, foretold to appear at the end of Kali Yuga, our current epoch. Puranas foretell that he will be atop a white horse with a drawn blazing sword. He is the harbinger of end time in Hindu eschatology, after which he will usher in Satya Yuga.

Disclaimer : Picture And Story Courtesy : Compiled by Me from Various Sources, Friends and also from the Net .... 

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