Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Panna Patrado / Seasoned Colocasia Leaves Vadi.

Panna Patrado / Seasoned Colocasia Leaves Vadi / Podnichi Alu Vadi ....... A pleasure to eat with Dal and Rice .........

Panna Patrado is a dish enjoyed by many in my family made mostly when we have some guests for lunch. My mother loves this very much and so does everybody else. All want the bottom crispy part of the patrado only. The taste of which is simply excellent. The initial preparation method is the same as the one we make for other normal Patrado except a few changes in the ingredients. This patrado is not steamed but directly cooked on pan after seasoning by covering it with a tight lid. Little bit of water is added frequently for the rolls to get evenly cooked. 

You need medium leaves for preparing panna patrado. I used about 12 leaves in all. Trim off the stem portion / dentu of the leaves. You need only leaf part. You can thinly slice off the thick vein portions of the leaves. Spread the leaves on the floor for about an hour. This helps the leaves in becoming limp which will be a great help while rolling as stiff leaves tend to break. Remove wash in water and let drain completely. All traces of water should be removed as much as possible. Keep these done ready aside. 

Wash and soak 1 cup of rice in plenty of water for 2 hrs. Remove, wash and strain in a colander for the water to get completely drained off. 

For the preparation of paste : Grind one cup of freshly grated coconut with 8-10 kashmiri red chillies and a small lemon sized ball of tamarind to a smooth paste in a mixer grinder. Now add in the strained rice and further grind all till you get a coarse rava textured paste. Remove the paste in a bowl. Add one cup of water in the ground mixer and mix well with the residue of the ground masala and keep this water aside for cooking purpose of the patrado later. Add salt to taste and 1 tsp of hing powder to the paste and mix well. The paste should be thick in texture.

Now on a flat surface keep a leaf with venial side on top and apply the paste on it. Top it with another leaf and apply paste again. 

Repeat till you have about 3-4 leaves topped on each other. Fold slightly the side and then tightly roll the leaves from rounded side towards tapering side. I have added photo for clear understanding. Please do go through them. The application of paste is similar to that of general method for Patrado preparation.

The roll should be really tight with masala packed within and firmly holding to the rolls.

Now with the help of a serrated knife or sharp knife cut the roll horizontally into two pieces of say about 3 inch in width. If the roll is large then cut it into 3 pieces. While doing so, hold the roll tightly with the other hand so that the leaves do not open up. I have added photo of cut roll for proper understanding of the method. Keep them undisturbed aside. 

Now for Cooking : Heat a flat pan that has a tight lid to cover. Pour 2-3 tblps of oil into the pan and swirl it all round in circular motion, so that the oil is spread completely on the pan. If needed you can add another tsp of oil or so. The pan should be covered full on the base with a thin film of oil. Heat the pan. When hot lower the heat to medium and sprinkle all over with a tsp of urad dal and let cook a little bit till slightly colour changes. Now sprinkle all over a tsp of mustard seeds and some 8-10 crushed curry leaves. 

Once the mustard start to crackle, keep the sliced rolls in the pan one by one, taking care to see that the cut portion faces on top and other closed side on the bottom. If cut into 3 pieces, just keep it gently as it is facing cut portion facing both bottom and top. I have posted the picture of the method of placing of sliced patrado, please do check for proper understanding of the procedure. Once all the pieces and kept in a neat circle, add in the preserved mixer grinder washed water slowly trough the sides to cover the pan about ½ inch level only. Reserve the remaining water if needed for later use. 

Cover with a tight lid and let cook on medium heat for 5 minutes and then lower the heat and let cook till done. In between do check in the quantity of the water. If needed you can add in some more. But be careful not to add too much. Let cook for 15 minutes. By then the patrado will have cooked and the water should have been evaporated. 

Now further cook on medium flame till the lower 1/8 th part of the patrado gets a fried texture. Take care to see that you do not burn the patrado, if the heat is high lower it, but see to it that the lower part of each piece is fried dark and crisp. Serve hot with Rice, Dalitoy and any other dish of you choice.

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