Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mosambi Tamarind Juice.

Chilled Sweet, Spicy And Sour Tamarind Mosambi Coolant ......

This one is a Juice with the goodness of Sweet and tangy fruits. Mosambies are always in season and they are good for health. Patients who are weak are always given this juice. New born babies when are given juices for the first time, they are introduced to mosambi juice. Sometimes the mosambies do turn up bitter, so you have got to be careful in selection of them. The thinner the skin the better as they are very juicy and sweet in taste. The mosambies I purchased were very sweet so just to give in a change I added some tamarind pulp to make it khatta meetha and I added some spices to make a little bit theekha too. Tamarind by themselves are delicately sweet and sour. They are also rich in anti-oxidant and are agent of tartaric acid. Together, these 2 compounds account for the medicinal properties of tamarind. As I love experimenting with juices that are healthy I just tried this out and they very splendid indeed. 

Remove the juice of 3-4 mosambi's in a mosambi juicer and keep this ready aside. Add a lemon sized tamarind in 1 cup of water and allow it to soak for some time. Squeeze out the pulp and discard the residue if any. Strain this through a fine sieve. Add to the mosambi juice, the tamarind pulp, sugar, pepper powder, pinch of kala namak or any salt and stir well till all gets dissolved. Put this in the fridge to cool well.Add some ice cubes and serve chilled in glasses.

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