Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Chilled Jaljeera Lemonade With Sabja.

Chilled Jaljeera Lemonade With Sabja and topped with Ice Cubes .... Go ahead and enjoy ..... tastes simply great .....

I am always in the look out for new drinks to cool us in this terrible summer heat. More than my family, I myself get bored with repeatedly having the same preparations. So my thirst for new recipes or try out never ends. Long back I had tasted Jeera Soda something available in the stores. Though I have no Idea how that is prepared, also it has gas / soda content in it. But this Jaljeera lemonade came very close to that taste. My next try would definitely be to find out that recipe. Meanwhile enjoy this chilled jaljeera lemonade with sabja drink which will quench your thirst in this horrible summer heat. 

To Prepare : For ½ - ¾ litre of water add 4-5 medium sized freshly squeezed lemon juice and add about 200-250 gms of sugar and mix well till the sugar has completely melted. Add 4 tblsp of Jaljeera powder to the same and mix well. Put this in the fridge to completely cool.

In a small bowl add one cup of water and add 1 large tablespoon full of sabja / chia seeds and cover and keep aside to swell properly. It takes about 30-45 minutes only. Put this also in the fridge to cool completely.

For serving mix the jaljeera lemonade properly once again. Pour them in glasses to fill only 3/4th level. Add in a teaspoon of the sabja / chia seeds in each glass and then top it with some ice cubes. Serve chilled. Tastes great.

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