Monday, April 25, 2016

Jambul - Black Plum Juice.

Chilled Jambul / Black Plum (also known as Jamun) Juice ......... 

It's the season of Mangoes and Jambul. While Mangoes create heat in the body Jambul is said to be a coolant, when consumed in limits, having many medicinal properties. It is said that, it is always a good practice to eat mangoes followed by some jambul to balance the heat in the body ........ Do Enjoy this simple summer fruit juice which is full of vitamins, minerals and is very beneficial to health.

Jambul is a fruit that brings many sweet memories in my mind and makes me nostalgic. We loved to eat this pulpy dark purple coloured fruit and show off our blue-coated tongue by acting like Kaali …. One of Maa Durga’s Avataar and frighten small children. Jambul is a seasonal fruit, available during summer in three sizes. Small, medium and large. Southern parts of India have many of these trees and they drop down as they begin to ripe. 

We used to run around in my friend’s house picking up the fallen fruits. During school days, we used to run to the houses where these trees were grown. Fruit vendors used to sit outside our school gate with baskets full of Jambul and sell them for 10 paisa. However, now 10 paise is something unheard off. Now the price of Jambul has gone up in bounds and has become a rich man’s fruit. Due to its medicinal benefits the cost has raised and now, it costs about Rs. 300/- a Kg. for large sized ones. 

Coming to the preparation of the Juice …….
Wash and put about 1/2 Kg of Jambul in a flat bowl with 2 cups of water. Squeeze out the pulp and remove the seeds. See to it that you remove all the fleshy parts of the jambul from the seeds. Discard the seeds. 

Now put the removed flesh part along with the water into mixer grinder jar and grind to a smooth paste. Add another 2 cups of water and mix well. Sieve it through a fine mesh. 

Add about 2 cups of sugar, Freshly squeezed juice of one large lemon, ¼ tsp of rock salt / black salt, ¼ tsp of white pepper powder and mix well. Keep the prepared juice in the fridge for 2-3 hours. Remove and serve chilled topped with Ice Cubes.

** Note: You can bring the juice to a boil after sieving along with the sugar for 5 minutes. Cool and then add in the salt and pepper pd. I have not done as some of the medicinal properties gets lost in the process. You may choose any method you prefer.

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