Friday, April 1, 2016

Chilled Watermelon Juice-2.

Chilled Watermelon Juice-2 ........... A must Summer Drink / Coolant .....

No, it is not all one’s imagination that it is hotter this year than the previous one. It is definitely getting hotter day after day, year after year. Staying cool, during summer usually means having to pay a fortune to keep the air-conditioning running. Heat is a major killer of all sorts. This summer beat the heat the right way ….. Eat smaller meals and drink plenty of water to Stay Hydrated. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and drinks with high sugar content that only tend to built up the thirst. Sugar and caffeine act as a diuretic, which will cause fluids to pass off more rapidly from your body. So go in for fruit juices for both relishing and replacement of vitamins etc. Here is the best of all Summer Coolant “Chilled Watermelon Juice” the Queen of all juices ……… Thanda Thanda Cool Cool ……

No other produce screams summer quite like Watermelon. Come summer and there are loads of watermelon small to large sizes seen everywhere in the market. They are also stacked on roadsides on highways and sold at throwaway prices. It could be its refreshing sweetness or even the burst of color that adds a bit of brightness to your plate. Watermelon is a food which has serious hydration power. It is one of best thirst quenchers during summer season. Because of its water and fiber content, it prevents constipation. This fruit when consumed during summer promotes regularity for a healthy digestive system. 

Preparing watermelon juice is very simple. I have already blogged making of watermelon juice before. But I am repeating the same again. Just cut the watermelon through centre and then again halve it and then cut the center red flesh portion into small pieces. Put these pieces in blender and run the mixer for a few minutes. Do not add any water, you can add in later if you find the juice very sweet. 

Remove and sieve through a medium size holed sieve. Add water if necessary. But do check before addition of water to find if the juice is sweet. I do not add any water or sugar. However, yes a pinch of salt and pepper powder can be added as seasoning to the juice. If the juice is not sweet, sometimes the watermelons are not that sweet, then add in a few teaspoons of sugar and mix well. 

Put the watermelon juice in fridge to completely cool. It will take a few hours. Serve watermelon juice chilled with a few ice cubes in tall glasses, sprinkling some chaat masala on top (Optional).

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