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Bhakti - The Nature of Devotion.

Bhakti : The Nature of Devotion / Faith / Love / Attachment ........

Bhakti literally means attachment, participation, devotion, faith, or love of a personal God or a representational God by a devotee. Bhakti comes from the word "Bhaj" which means 'to be attached or devoted to'. It is pure unselfish love mixed with reverence. While Devotion is the seed, Faith is the root. Bhakti destroys egoism just as the fire destroys the wood. 

One such well-known example of Bhakti can be witnessed from that which is portrayed by Hanuman towards Lord Ram. Here is a small story of Lord Hanuman’s unstinted Bhakti towards Lord Ram and Sita.

After the Crowning ceremony of Lord Ram as King of Ayodhya all, those who accompanied the Lord returned to their respective places. Irrespective of what was happening, in one corner Hanuman was meditating on Lord Ram with tears flowing in his eyes. Sita who noticed this, gently indicated to Lord Ram about it and both of them approached Hanuman. Smelling the fragrance of Lord Ram and Sita, Hanuman opened his eyes. 

Touched by his devotion, With tears Lord Ram said to hanuman, "I cannot give you anything in return for Immovable devotion - bhakti you have on me. I have already given myself to you, the only thing I can do now is I can take you along with me to Vaikunta". 

Pleased and eager to be with his Lord Always, Hanuman asked Lord Ram "If you (Lord Ram) will be there in Vaikunta". To which Lord Ram replied “i wont be there as Lord Ram itself but i will be there as Lord Mahavishnu. Though Lord Mahavishnu is the cause and Lord Ram is the effect, Hanuman was not happy with it.

                                 Ganda Lepana ..... Walkeshwar Kashi Matt, Mumbai

Hanuman gently declined saying he did not want to go to a place where Lord Rama would not be present, and that he preferred to stay back and keep mediating on Rama. Again Lord Ram tell him that there would come a time when he would not be present in the world too. Again after some thought Lord Hanuman, tells Lord Ram "That as long as this world exists there will be someone uttering your name. I will sit next to them".

Walkeshwar Kashi Matt, Mumbai

Thus, he continued his meditation on Lord Ram by staying back in this world. Today also there is a custom, that when lord Ram name is uttered with devotion and bhakthi, there will be Hanuman sitting in that place. 

Worshiping of God with true Bhakti is called Nishta, whoever worships God in whatever form with true Bhakti will always attain peace. It is said that Practice of right conduct, Japa, offering of prayers with divine Bhava, practice of Ahimsa, being truthful are some of the virtues that will help you to develop Bhakti.

|| Jai Veer Hanuman ||

Disclaimer : Picture And Story Courtesy : Compiled by Me from Various Sources, Friends and also from the Net .... 

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