Thursday, March 17, 2016

Urad Rava And Moth Beans Seasoned Pancakes.

Here is a another one with the same batter ........ Urad Dal (with skin) + Moth Beans (Matki / Small Bagado) + Rava ....... Crispy Panna Doddaka / Seasoned Pancakes ...... With Coriander Coconut Chutney and Ginger Tea ....... Yummy ...... they really were soft and spongy ....... This one is 3 rd in the series, first one was Ambado / Fritters, .... 2nd being Ramdana ...... Enjoy ....

The batter is the same as that of the Ramdana which I posted earlier. Just prepared these panna doddak / seasoned pancakes out of them and served them with coriander coconut chutney. I will not repeat the process of preparing the batter here again, but will add the link to the Ramdana recipe whre the process of preparing the batter is already given. The link to the recipe is added at the bottom of this post.

To prepare the crispy panna doddaka / seasoned crispy pancakes :
Heat a small non stick or iron kadai with 2 tsp of oil, when hot lower the heat and add in a tsp of mustard seeds, when they start to splutter add 2-3 small sized curry leaves and then add in about 1 full cup of batter gently into the kadai. Pour the batter at the center of the kadai, the batter will spread itself into a round thick pancake. If you find the pancake a bit thinner as the size depends also upon the size of the kadai, you can add in another half cup of the batter. 

Now cover the kadai with a lid and cook on low heat till the bottom side of the doddak / pancake is crisp and the top side is also almost done. Gently flip over the doddak / pancake with the help of a spatula and cook without covering on the other side too till its crispy and done. 

When done remove and serve hot with coconut chutney / fresh home made butter for breakfast. You can serve it with sambar too. But it tastes best with chutney or butter.

** Note : For the batter of the Urad Dal (with skin) + Moth Beans (Matki / Small Bagado) + Rava …. Please go to the link given below ……..

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