Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Urad Dal And Moth Beans Fritters.

Tried something different for a change from regular Biscuit Ambado ..... Urad Dal (with skin) + Moth Beans (Matki / Small Bagdo) Biscuit Ambado / Fritters ...... With Sweet-Spicy Chilly (Jalapeno) Garlic Sauce And Coriander Coconut Chutney ........ Yummy ..... they really were soft and spongy .....

This is another shot I gave of trying biscuit ambado / fritters with different lentils ie. out of the same batter that of ramdana I previously posted. While preparing the ramdana after grinding the urad dal and moth beans, I removed aside a little bit of the batter (about 2 full cups) and then added rava to make the ramdana / Idly. I wanted to make biscuit ambado out of the same combination so initially I ground the lentils to a thick batter adding very little water. Just sprinkling a little bit now and then. Once I had the rava textured batter ready I removed some batter and then further ground the batter adding some water to get the fluffy texture for the ramdana / Idly.

I prepared these biscuit ambado’s  / fritters out of that batter and they were very good in taste. For a change it is always nice to try new ways. You can try making these as it is or make it in the method of making both ramdana and biscuit ambado’s too. Off course nothing can touch our authentic amchi biscuit ambado that has won millions of heart. But this is a small attempt at change sometime from the routine dishes. I would really like to try out more versions more mixing and matching of lentils. I will post them as and when I try, till then do make these and enjoy. I have some more batter left of which I intend to make appos and doddak. I will post them soon too. So now you have almost 4 different types of dishes from one single preparation of batter. Go ahead and try it, it will save you lots of time and at the same time give different varieties to enjoy as breakfast.

For the Ambado / Fritters : The batter should be thick as that of biscuit ambado which we generally prepare. For about 2 cups of batter add 1 tsp of grated ginger, 1-2 less spicy green chillies cut into rings, finely chopped 6-8 curry leaves, 1 tblsp of hing water or 1 tsp hing powder, salt to taste and some coconut cut into fine pieces which we call katla (Optional). Mix well.

Heat plenty of oil in a thick bottomed deep frying kadai to smoking hot. Lower the heat to medium and wait for 4-5 minutes and the gently wet your hands and remove about a spoonful of batter in one go with hands and gently drop them into the hot oil. Do not soak your hands in water, just see to it that your palms have a thin layer or water. This method is followed to ensure that the ambado batter is easier to pick and also smoother to leave in the hot oil. You can add about 6-8 of these ambado’s depending upon the size of the kadai and also the amount of oil in it. Keep stirring and let fry on medium heat till evenly browned. May take about 5-7 minutes. 

Remove on an absorbent paper and set aside for the oil to drain off. Meanwhile make ambado / fritters in similar method with the remaining batter till it is over. Serve these ambado's / fritter's hot with coriander coconut chutney / ketchup or any other chutney of your choice. I had prepared spicy sweet red chilly (Jalapeno) garlic sauce a few days back. So I enjoyed these with both coriander coconut chutney and the sauce. 

Note : I am posting the link of the original Biscuit Ambado preparation method here. Please go through the same. You will get a jest of the texture of the batter as well as the frying method. Here is the link to the Biscuit Ambado Recipe ……

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