Saturday, March 5, 2016

Grilled Green Chutney Cheese Sandwiches.

Hot Grilled Sandwiches With Green Chutney Cheese Slices (cheese is store bought) ...... And Tomato Ketchup ........ A favourite snack ..........

A simple sandwich prepared to beat in between hunger panks also a good snack for evenings when children and people from job come home tired and hungry. Hot sandwiches are a real favourite when its pouring heavily or when it is cold outside. But then these can be enjoyed at tea parties or whenever friends drop in to give surprise visits as all ingredients are readily available at home or are stocked up in the fridge.

Green Chutney Cheese Slices are Square flavoured cheese slices newly introduced in the market. I had purchased them and was happy and relieved when my close friend dropped in …. Bang just like that without any prior intimation. Well, I surprised her with these lovely sandwiches, though I must admit, I myself was having these newly introduced chutney cheese slices for the first time. I just loved the flavour and spicy cheese very much.

I just applied some tomato ketchup on two bread slices, placed a chutney cheese slice in between them and put them on electirc grill sandwich toaster by applying a little bit of melted ghee on the top and bottom side of the outside facing bread slices and grilled them till done. 

Served them hot with tomato ketchup. That is all. Very Simple, but yet very yummy grilled sandwiches. The chuntney flavour and spices added to the cheese where spicy enough, so I did not add any other additional spices. After tasting these new Ideas are cropping in my mind with different combinations of sandwiches using these cheese slices. Let all enjoy these sandwiches on a cold evening or when friends drop in suddenly, like that which happened with me. Do try this …. They are yummy.

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