Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fluffy Egg Omelette.

Fluffy Egg Omelette adding tomatoes + onions With Brown Bread And Ginger Tea ......

Egg Omelette is a traditional English Breakfast that has caught up on Indian families after the British Left India. Easy and quick to prepare these are very filling and keep you going till lunch time without any hunger pangs. Children love these omelettes and other items prepared with egg too. 

These omelettes are best served with some tomato ketchup and brown / white / multi grain bread as accompaniment. You can also serve these omelettes with Bombay Pav which is readily available in and around Mumbai in Maharashtra. 

In a porcelain or glass dish break and add in 3-4 fresh eggs. Add in a little bit of salt and beat with a egg beater (you can use electric beater to speed up the procedure) till it multiplies in quantity. 

Chop one tomato into fine pieces. Also chop one large sized onion into fine pieces. Chop 4-5 green chillies into rounds of required width. Finely chop and keep ready 2-3 tblsp of coriander leaves. Add these all to the beaten eggs and mix well. 

Heat a non stick pan or any other regular pan you use to remove dosas. I have a different small sized pan which I use only for egg omelettes as I do not like to mix up the tavas. Add in a few drop of ghee / clarified butter and spread it all round the pan. 

Pour in a cup full of the prepared egg mixture into the tava and spread it by tilting or gently with the back of a rounded spatula. Cover with a lid and cook on medium heat till the top of the omelette is cooked when you touch it with a finger and the mixture does not stick to the fingers. Add a few drops of ghee on top of the omelette and gently flip it over and cook the top side too without covering the pan. Remove the omelette and serve it hot with some tomato ketchup and bread slices. Proceed the method with remaining egg mixture. You will get about 3 small sized omelettes. 

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