Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cucumber Raw Mango Pachodi.

Taushe + Ambuli Pachodi / Cucumber + Raw Mango Masala Salad / Chutney .......

Cucumber Raw Mango Pachodi is a dish that is almost similar to chutney and really have no idea why it is called pachodi instead of chutney. Here we add raw mango both while grinding masala as well as later to the dish cut into small pieces. This pachodi goes best when served with Chitranna a spiced rice that is not heated and is served at room temperature. My mom always served cucumber-raw mango pachodi / chutney / salad with chitranna and to date I have not found a better combination. The two complement each other so well that you will not want to try any other combination. Chitranna is a spicy and sour preparation of rice prepared and served immediately as the masala added is not heated. You can however keep them in the fridge for later use. But somehow it is never the same as you cannot reheat it. So prepare chitranna always fresh and serve immediately lest it looses its taste. However, you can add in some kokum kadhi along with these two dishes and you have a complete lunch / dinner ready. 

Wash, wipe dry and grate or chop into fine pieces one medium sized raw mango. Peel off the skin of two medium sized cucumber and chop it also into pieces. Put both mango and cucumber in a bowl, add salt and Keep aside. 

For Grinding : Grind to a fine paste 1/2 cup freshly grated coconut, 3-4 green chillies and one finely sliced medium sized raw mango. 

Add this to the raw mango-cucumber in the bowl and mix well. Add in water if needed to bring to required thickness. The mixture should be thick that of chutney consistency.

For Seasoning: Heat 1 tsp coconut oil (Optional-you can use any other oil of your choice) in a kadai add 1/4 tsp urad dal (Op), 1/2 tsp rai (sasam), few curry leaves and a pinch of hing.

Pour the seasoning over the pachodi / cucumber-raw mango mixture. Mix well and serve with chitranna.

** For the Mavinakai Chitranna Recipe, Please follow the link given below .......

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