Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Crispy Urad Rice Chana dal And Rava Dosa.

Udidu + Chane dali + Tandulu + Rulav ghalnu polo .. With Adgai And Alle Chai / Urad + Chana Dal + Rice + Rava Dosa .... With Raw Mango + Raw Jackfruit Pickle And Ginger Tea ......

This one is a simple dosa with all ingredients in equal proportions. But the batter was ground in wet grinder. The result was crisp and thin dosas. Here is the simple recipe for the dosa. Just wash and soak in plenty of water one cup each of urad dal, chana dal and rice for about 4 hours. 

Rinse well and grind to a smooth paste with very little water. Lastly add in some ginger and few green chillies and grind till they are crushed into the batter. Remove in a large bowl. Add one cup of rava and mix well. Add salt and leave overnight to ferment. 

Heat a iron or non stick tava to smoking point, lower heat to medium, sprinkle some oil on the tava and spread well into a filmy layer of oil with the help of a tissue. Now pour a ladle full batter and gently with the back of the round bottomed spatula spread into a round shaped thin dosa. You will learn spreading of dosa in a thin layer with practice. Do watch some video of the method on you tube for understanding the proper process.

Sprinkle some oil on top and on the outer edges of the dosa and cook on medium heat till the bottom side is crisp. Gently lift it from tava using a flat edge spatula (dosa removing one) and flip over and cook on the top side for a few minutes. Remove and serve hot with pickle / chutney / sambar or any accompaniment of your choice. Remove dosa in similar way and serve hot as and when required. You can keep the batter in the fridge for a day or two.

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